Defense Department says China is simulating an attack on Taiwan

TAIPEI, Aug. 6 (CNA) Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense (MND) said on Saturday that multiple Chinese military planes and ships were operating near Taiwan in the morning, simulating an attack on the island’s main island. said it would.

In a brief press statement, the defense ministry said several Chinese military planes and ships conducted operations near Taiwan on Saturday morning, some of which crossed the centerline of the Taiwan Strait. ship.

The defense ministry added that the Chinese military was likely “simulating an attack on Taiwan’s main island.”

The military scrambled aircraft, issued radio warnings and deployed defense missile systems to track the Chinese planes, the statement said.

The exercises came on the third day of four days of China’s military drills conducted in waters near Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit earlier this week.

Pelosi, the Taiwanese government, and their supporters said the visit helped show support for Taiwan amid tensions with China, but the Beijing government and its supporters described it as “a single It was a violation of the United States’ commitment to a “China” policy and a bold step toward Taiwan’s decision to support independence. Party.

(by Matt Yu and Ten Paige)

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