Defense Minister waits for armored car transaction

Lubrana-Foreign Minister Matei Tonin resolutely completed the purchase of € 343.4 million of 45 boxer armored vehicles via OCCAR before the new government took over. Tonin invited Robert Golob, nominated as the presumed prime minister, who urged him not to sign a long-term arms contract, to present the contract.

Attacked by Golob’s potential coalition partners SocDems and Left, Golob refrains from signing a long-term arms purchase contrast, “given that a new government will be formed within a few months. After being asked to do so, Tonin invited Golob to the Pentagon.

“Given the situation, Mr. Golob doesn’t have to deal with these things or discuss with his coalition partners, but I can hold me accountable for the purchase, so I agree with him. “There is,” Tonin told the Ljubljana press.

In response to those who accused the government of rushing to trade, Tonin argued that the signing of the contract was part of “completely normal business.”

“I am obliged to sign based on government and parliamentary decisions, so I think it’s important not to make a drama about this, and it’s important to pressure me not to sign it. The country needs a boxer, given the situation and we have an army and want to strengthen it, “he said.

“If a boxer car is good enough for Germans, Dutch and British, it’s good enough for Slovenians, and the acquisition is helping the European defense industry, but given the situation, it can’t be ignored,” Tonin said. He added that the vehicle had been purchased for a period of 20 to 30 years.

He is convinced that € 343.4 million is a very good price, especially given the rising prices of materials. Defense Minister waits for armored car transaction

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