Defense Ministry sources warned about “hybrid threats” this summer

Pentagon sources told parliamentary reporters Monday afternoon that Greece could face a “hybrid threat” aimed at domestic destabilization this summer.

Threats can occur on the islands and along the river Ebros, the northeastern border with Turkey, sources said. Casimerini, efimerida twn syntaktkvn,Parapolitica And other Greek media reported.

“This summer we may have a hybrid-type threat at the border between the islands and Ebros, aiming for internal destabilization,” said an unnamed source.

When “Hybrid type threat“Greek means a similar incident like March 2020 when Turkey armed thousands of immigrants sending them to the Greek border. Increased number of boat attempts At the same time, carry immigrants who want to cross the Greek territorial waters.

The same sources added that the threat may not come only from the east, but they didn’t elaborate.

Sources pointed out that the Pentagon is prepared for all kinds of threats, no matter where they come from.

This time there was little news of all media websites and other sources from Greek pentagonHowever, his political leadership quickly pointed out. “The military has always been and will always be on the lookout for all challenges and security threats. The rest are unrealistic scenarios.”

Military leadership is considering many possibilities and faces a wide range of challenges, both on the Ebros border and in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The army is taking systematic and decisive actions, with full confidence in its capabilities, increased alertness to land, air and sea, and military leadership gradually raising the bar of preparation. cnngreece I reported it a little later.

At the end of last week, the army was on alert, according to the media.

When turkey To continue to escalate rhetoric against Greece and President Legep Typ Erdogan is literally out of controlIt’s no wonder that the country is very vigilant.

Prime Minister Kiriacos Mitsutakis while attending the extraordinary EU summit in Brussels early Monday Said When he arrived at the EU summit in Brussels on Monday, he raised the issue of Turkey’s provocation against Greece “as a factor in the destabilization of the Eastern Mediterranean”. Defense Ministry sources warned about “hybrid threats” this summer

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