DeFi and Synthetic Real Estate Platform Launch New Relic Token on Ethereum Blockchain

New Jersey, USA, August 1, 2022, Chainwire

MasrelicA small start-up company located seven miles from New York City, one of the world’s seven blockchain hubs. The RELIC token is a native utility token used for:

  • DeFi farming considerations
  • ethereum reflection
  • synthetic real estate
  • Utilization of Crypto Tokens in the Mortgage/Rental Industry

In just two weeks, the RELIC token has reached a market cap of 100,000, realizing a real-world utility use case that could change the real estate landscape. “There are numerous opportunities to include Synthetic Real Estate alongside DeFi using our platform. This bear market will accelerate innovation and benefit projects like ours,” he said. Alex Luy, Founder of MasRelic

RELIC doesn’t do anything beyond 1000% growth in a few hours. RELIC has been transparent from the beginning about providing solutions to real problems, and its growth has been slow but consistent. RELIC tokens are committed to their community and will always do what is best for their holders.

About Masrelic

RELIC is an Ethereum token that specializes in realizing transparent decentralized financial services inspired by real estate. Unlike most projects that start on one chain and then quickly move to other chains and abandon the Ethereum community, the RELIC team is dedicated and committed to the Ethereum blockchain and its users first and foremost.

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