DeFi Project ChangeX Launches CHANGE Token on Uniswap, HydraDEX Sees Strong Investor Interest

Sofia, Bulgaria, 1 Aug 2022, Chainwire

DeFi Project ChangeX According to company officials, the successful launch of the CHANGE token to trade on HydraDEX and Uniswap has attracted strong investor interest. The app supports several trading pairs, including BTC and ETH cross-chain swaps, to provide investors with a wide range of possibilities.

The launch of the CHANGE token comes after ChangeX successfully completed its ICO, defying bear market sentiment. The ICO resulted in nearly $2 million in revenue. This will fund the company’s operations for at least 24 months, providing a solid financial starting point despite the dark market conditions.

CHANGE was introduced to the app on July 19th with in-app staking and reward compounding paid in CHANGE. The staking APR on the release date was in the 500% range not including the compounding of the staking rewards, which naturally resulted in a 4-digit yield. The launch met strong demand, and within 24 hours, HydraDEX alone saw him sell 13.2 million tokens, and in total he had 11.5 million staked. Additionally, 1.87 million tokens were sold on Uniswap.

“ChangeX is entering a very exciting stage and we are very happy with the numbers. We have reached an important milestone.”said Nikifor Iliev, CEO of ChangeX. “We aim for timely releases according to our roadmap, and our developers are working around the clock to meet deadlines and deliver beta versions of their apps to the community. All this was achieved in less than six months and we are very proud of it.” added Iliev.

Both iterations of the token surged in the days following the project’s launch, ignoring bearish market conditions that could be indicators of the project’s integrity and the strength of its community.

CHANGE and HYDRA are an integral part of ChangeX’s future. All new features we plan to add to the project will be built around them.Many core features offer countless possibilities that users can use to their advantageadded co-founder Gary Gerasimov. “All the future additions we have planned for the roadmap will complement each other and create an all-in-one app ecosystem that works with interoperability and simplicity. , and a smooth, user-friendly app that provides easier access to traditional finance than ever before.

In Q3 2022, delegated HYDRA staking will be introduced on ChangeX, giving users access to full-blown staking without the need to set up a node, but usually without all the benefits that come with it. You get The developer team is also focused on building the foundation for ChangeX’s open lending marketplace and flagship leveraged staking product. This provides a margin position on multiple staked assets within the app, amplifying the yield by 1.2x to 2x.

Another important point for ChangeX is that it first became an agent of an Electronic Money Authority (EMI), eventually obtaining its own license that allowed the company to issue IBANs to its users, and the ChangeX Crypto Debit Card. Paving the way for release. The card works just like a standard bank card, allowing users to spend both virtual and fiat currency from within the app.

Assuming Revolut is the 1st generation digital asset application and is the potential 2nd generation application, ChangeX will leverage its strong DeFi offering to position itself as a 3rd generation application. trying to establish We will make it immediately available to retail users.” Nikola Alexandrov, co-founder of HydraChain, added that he will outline ChangeX’s vision for the future.

The ChangeX app is Google Play store For Android users and app store for iOS.

About ChangeX

ChangeX is an all-in-one personal finance mobile app that blends traditional finance, cryptocurrency and DeFi. ChangeX provides users with personal bank accounts, access to multi-chain crypto, and high APR DeFi tools such as leverage staking. This doubles the rewards for all staked assets. ChangeX’s focus is on passive income and crypto empowerment, and the app allows users to spend their in-app tokens via its ChangeX Crypto Debit Card on anything. Users can lend stablecoins, use locked flexible staking, buy and pay with fiat currency, and exchange cryptocurrencies on multiple chains, all with just a few clicks. You can access it.

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ChangeX founders Nick Iliev and Gary Guerassimov have a rich history of developing successful cryptocurrency and fintech products, including, Bulgaria’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. HydraChain and LockTrip co-founders Nikola Alexandrov and Hristo Tenchev are also on board, each bringing his seven years of blockchain experience to the project. His CTO of the project, Martin Kuvandzhiev, is one of Bitcoin Gold’s core developers. Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of Bitcoin’s source code that brings decentralization to retail traders and re-enables mining via popular GPUs.


ChangeX’s Advisory Board includes industry experts from leading companies in cryptocurrency, DeFi and finance. Neil Cunha-Gomes of his SoftBank Vision Fund, which has invested in crypto assets such as Consensys and Elliptic, said he worked with Dimiter Gurdjilov and Stefan Ivanov on the company’s strategy and vision. provides an overview of the Dimiter Gurdjilov has over 15 years of investment banking, private equity and business development experience at Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, George Soros’ Bedminster Capital, NBGI Private Equity and Challenger Capital Management. Stefan Ivanov has over 25 years of experience at Citibank, Banque Paribas, Challenger Capital Management and he also served as CEO of Citibank in Bulgaria.

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