DeFi protocol rolls out ‘savings vaults’.detail

DeFi Platform Phuture release New Yield Agricultural Product Called ‘USV’ [USDC Savings Vault] It promises “guaranteed” premium returns thanks to its partnership with another leading decentralized protocol, Notional.

According to information from Defi Llama, Notional is total locked. [TVL] $86.5 million.

Investors can earn interest on their assets using USV, an ERC-4626 compliant vault. blog said.

In decentralized finance, vaults are smart contracts that automatically generate yields. Smart contracts handle the user’s search instead of manually moving funds between multiple projects in search of the highest yield.

“Think of a Savings Vault like a traditional bank savings account. Fiat currency is deposited in a savings bank account to earn interest. Users can passively earn money because they can deposit their assets in. Similar to Phuture’s on-chain decentralized products, users can withdraw their assets at any time.”

The Phuture app allows investors to transfer USDC to USV and get treasury stock in exchange for their investment. The yield that the vault forges determines how much the value of the auto-synthesized vault share increases over time.

Thanks to the massive influx of cash in 2021, the cryptocurrency market saw a sharp rise in the total value locked across all DeFi systems. In 2022, however, things appear to be changing.

DeFi TVLs drop over 68% in 2022

According to data released by cryptocurrency market data aggregation and analytics firm CryptoRank on Sept. 26, TVL recorded in December 2021 was a staggering $303.8 billion, but by September 2022 it will be decreased to $96.3 billion, a loss of 68.3%.

According to statistics, TVL is DeFi It’s down from $106 billion a month ago to $96.3 billion today, a 10% loss over the past 30 days.Especially Ethereum [ETH] It continues to dominate the DeFi market, accounting for $56.3 billion or 58.46% of all DeFi TVLs.

Tron with $11.9 billion TVL [TRX]BNB chain [BNB]avalanche [AVAX]$3.5 billion, Solana [SOL] They all beat Ethereum in that order. In May 2022, Tron’s DeFi’s TVL increased by 47% while Ethereum’s TVL decreased by 35% during the bear market.

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