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Deirdre Michie resigns as CEO of Offshore Energies UK

Deirdre Michie OBE has decided to resign as Chief Executive Officer of Offshore Energies UK, formerly known as Offshore Oil and Gas UK (OGUK).

Michie will take over the reins at the end of the year, almost eight years after taking the lead of an industry group in the UK offshore energy industry.

“During his tenure, Deirdre has defended the offshore oil and gas sector and its role in the energy transition. Together with the OEUK team, OEUK members and stakeholders, Deirdre has led the industry’s response to investment, activities and Covid’s pandemic. However, we will return employment to the basin. “

“Showing the willingness of the sector to stand up and count between COP26 and the energy transition, Deirdre has also successfully completed the North Sea Transition Agreement, a groundbreaking agreement between industry and government to support the transition to low-carbon energy. Worked across the sector to make it happen, “said OEUK.

Deirdre Michie said:

“We believe that we have worked with OEUK’s teams, members and stakeholders to raise the bar for the industry and the way OEUK continues to evolve, embrace energy shifts and at the same time support UK energy security. supply.

“Given my tenure and the evolution of the sector and OEUK, it is important to hand over to someone who can guarantee a multi-year commitment to OEUK’s progress in a highly dynamic environment.

“It’s a real honor to represent this sector and its people. We commend their resilience and commitment to doing the right thing and thank them for the support they continue to provide to me and the OEUK team. . “

Deirdre’s Michie will be deployed in early 2023 as OEUK begins the recruitment process.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/497802-deirdre-michie-to-step-down-as-offshore-energies-uk-ceo Deirdre Michie resigns as CEO of Offshore Energies UK

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