Delhi LG denies permission to visit Keziwar Singapore

New Delhi [India]July 21 (ANI): Deputy Governor of Delhi VK Saxena returns a proposal for the visit of Prime Minister Alvind Keziwar to Singapore to attend the “8th World Cities Summit and WCS Mayor’s Forum”, attended by the Prime Minister The mayor’s meeting, which is not suitable for Singapore, is the first, sources said.

After careful study of the nature of the forum, the profiles of other participants, and the subject matter being discussed at the conference, LG points out that the conference will cover various aspects of urban governance addressed in the case of Delhi. Did. By various citizen groups, including the New Delhi City Council (NDMC), the Delhi City Authority (MCD), and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) other than the Government of Delhi.

According to sources, LG emphasized the fact that GNCTD does not have an exclusive territory on issues corresponding to the theme of the conference, and therefore it is inappropriate for the Prime Minister to attend it.

LG’s office believes in the context of the WCS smart city workshop being held as part of the conference, pointing out that the Delhi smart city project is fixed by the NDMC. Apart from the above facts, the prime minister attending such a meeting will also set a bad precedent, sources said.

Earlier on Sunday, Delhi’s Prime Minister Keziwar wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for permission to attend the World City Summit in Singapore.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) -led Delhi government and center warned that Keziwar had proposed to visit Singapore to attend a world conference in Singapore.

In a letter to Modi, Keziwar invited us to announce the Delhi model at the World Summit. During the summit, the Delhi model was in front of many major leaders in the world. Must be announced. The whole world wants to know about the Delhi model. This invitation is a matter of national pride and honor. “He went to the center on June 7 for permission to attend the summit. He wrote a letter, but stated that he had not responded to this day.

“India is a matter of pride because the world is inspired by Delhi’s health and education models. The country is proud to introduce models such as Delhi’s schools, hospitals, Mohara clinics and free electricity. Let’s .. My visit to Singapore will increase the pride and status of the country. “AAP conveners said that internal differences in the country should not be reflected on the world stage.

“It is against the interests of the country to stop the Prime Minister from visiting such important platforms in this situation. Please give permission as soon as possible so that the country can be named at this summit. . “I urged Kejiwaru.

The World Cities Summit is a forum for leaders and industry experts to address livable and sustainable city challenges and discuss integrated urban solutions.

This year’s summit will be held from July 31st to August 3rd. (ANI) Delhi LG denies permission to visit Keziwar Singapore

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