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Delhi LGVK Saxena rejects Kejiwar’s Singapore travel offer

New Delhi: Deputy Governor of Delhi VK Saxena rejects AAP government’s proposal for Albind Keziwar’s visit to Singapore to attend the August 1 summit, despite the Prime Minister’s claim to seek political permission from the center. Did.

Vice-Governor Saxena advised not to attend Keziwar because the World Cities Summit in Singapore next month is a mayoral meeting and is not suitable for the Prime Minister to attend and set a “bad precedent.”

In response to LG’s refusal to visit, Mr. Keziwar argued that even the prime minister would not be able to go anywhere if the decision to visit by the constitutional authorities was based on the objects within their jurisdiction.

The Prime Minister of Delhi and the AAP National Convenor said it was different from Saxena’s “advice” and said, “We will proceed with our visit. Apply for a political permit from the central government.”

Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia said he had responded to this development as “average politics” and called on the official position of the Prime Minister to give the Foreign Ministry political permission to visit.

“I hope the Foreign Minister will understand the benefits of the visit with his wisdom and encourage the commercials to accept this visit,” he said.

Officials said the prime minister’s visit abroad would require LG’s administrative nod and MEA approval.

This is the second time Keziwar has been denied a foreign visit to attend an international event. Earlier, MEA refused him permission to attend the 2019 Copenhagen C40 World Mayor Summit in Denmark. But he dealt with it through a video conference.

In a tweet, Keziwar claimed that some people in India did not want India to gain fame in the world.

“In 75 years, many countries have overtaken us. Why? Why are you late? Some people in our country do not want India to gain fame abroad. But now India will not stop. No matter how hard these people try. This is India in the 21st century. India will continue to be the number one country in the world now, “he tweeted.

According to sources, Saxena returned a proposal for a foreign visit to Keziwar, but the conference will cover various aspects of urban governance and will be addressed by various agencies other than the city government, including MCD, DDA and NDMC. I took note.

LG said the Government of Delhi does not have an exclusive territory on this issue and it is inappropriate for the Prime Minister to attend it.

Mr Saxena also said that the prime minister attending such meetings would set a “bad precedent.”

After careful study of the forum and participant profiles and their subject matter, LG noted that the summit covers various aspects of governance governed by the NDMC, MCD, DDA, and the city government of Delhi.

LG emphasized the fact that the Government of Delhi does not have an exclusive territory on issues corresponding to the theme of the conference, and therefore it is inappropriate for the Prime Minister to attend it, sources said.

According to sources, referring to the WCS smart city workshop held as part of the conference, it is pointed out that the smart city project in Delhi is fixed by NDMC.

Kejiwar sent a letter last Sunday asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for permission to attend the summit, stating that he would bring glory to the country by presenting a model of Delhi’s rule.

Singapore’s High Commissioner Simon Wong invited Keziwar to the World City Summit 2022 in the first week of August in June. The file of the Prime Minister’s visit to Singapore was sent to LG on June 7, officials said.

Mr. Sisodia said the file was sent to LG’s office for his “help”, but he sat on the file for almost two months. He added that his reply was, of course, the same argument given to BJP leaders’ visits to the commercials over the past few days.

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