Democracy or dynasty?Megawati delivers clips to Jokowi

The story of the extension of the term of the President of Indonesia
He received a clear rebuke from his political patronage.

2019 video clip featuring former Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri Caused a fuss In Indonesian social media for the past few weeks. In this video, Megawati, chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), is the largest party in the ruling coalition of the country, giving a lively speech and giving President Joko Widodo the largest number of seats in the party. Indicates that you are requesting.

A brief commentary that accompanies the video states that “it was an honor to wait for cooking oil rather than to be greedy for a cabinet seat.”

The comments were intended to ridicule Megawati. A line to buy cooking oil Following the policy bindings by the Ministry of Trade.Instead of sympathizing with them, Megawati previously Criticized people Because I didn’t try any cooking method other than fried food.

But unknowingly, the video also unknowingly shows the relationship between Jokowi and the president, commonly known as the PDI-P member who holds the card, and his top political backer and leader, Megawati. Encapsulated the dynamics of.

In the video, Megawati set up a fictional scene in which nervous Jokowi tried to drive her away with four cabinet seats assigned to PDI-P. She mocked the peculiarities of the president’s speech, such as her subtle lips and small pauses between words.

Her audience, including Jokowi and other party leaders, is clear that Megawati treated the president like a servant seeking her approval to form a cabinet after winning his second term. was. Her party leaders demanded that PDI-P win the largest seat, and Jokowi and her leader laughed uneasily.

And the video was speaking in another way. Even now, three years later, the ability to say no to Megawati’s Jokowi is as strong as in 2019.

This is Megawati Opposed Some members of the political elite, especially PKB, PAN, Golkar PartyWith the Minister of Maritime Investment Coordination Luhut Pansar Panjaitan, Postpone the elections in 2024. Proposals take many forms, but in essence, they seek to extend Jokowi’s term by either postponing the presidential election or amending the Constitution to allow Jokowi to run for the third term. It is equivalent to an attempt.

But the idea Furious reportedly Megawati replied, “These people think this country belongs to their ancestors, so can they do whatever they want?”

The other top brasses on PDI-P reflected the feelings of Megawati. Puan Maharani, The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the daughter of Megawati and the political heirs told Slavaya’s party officials that the elections would take place on schedule in 2024. PDI-P Secretary General Hasto Christiant Claim Congress and the president were opposed to the proposed postponement of the election.

Far from being a symbol of democracy, Megawati has been the first and only chair of PDI-P since its inception in 1999.

Indonesian TEMPO newspapers and magazines have branded attempts to extend Jokowi’s tenure. A clear and present danger to democracy. In an open letter to Megawati, the publication resisted the move, calling on her to “protect the hard-earned democracy” for the country, and as the leader of the largest party in Congress. Pointed out that it was suitable for doing so.

Ironically, the logic that identifies the importance of Megawati in repelling the move to evade the Constitution is clear. Far from being a symbol of democracy, Megawati has been the first and only chair of PDI-P since its inception in 1999. Reminiscent of the political practices of the Suharto administration, the PDI-P Party Convention has consistently selected Megawati as its leader for the past 22 years.By cheers“. No one in PDI-P has challenged her leadership, so her only candidacy is guaranteed. She will eventually resign, but will probably be taken over by her daughter, Puan Maharani, at the time of her own choice. The main legacy of Megawati’s PDI-P is that she made it a party of the Sukarno clan.

But Megawati himself Political career It didn’t start in a dynasty trap. After her father was banished to Suharto in 1967, the family was in political crisis for decades and was locked out of politics until Suharto forgave him in the 1980s. In 1986, Megawati became chairman of the Jakarta branch of PDI. She said this was the predecessor of PDI-P and she was able to win a seat in the House of Representatives within a year. Her political rise by PDI is surprising given that it was the result of the Suharto administration’s forced “fusion” of the winding elderly of nationalists such as PNI, Murba, IPKI, Parkind and Partai Katrik. It wasn’t that. She is with her father.

When Megawati won the party’s chair in 1993 and defeated Suharto’s priority candidate Soeljadi, the government attempted her downfall and culminated in the 1996 split when the party was split into two rival camps. Reached. Her persecution by Suharto helped catapult her reputation as a new political nova when her movement was gaining unstoppable momentum towards democracy.

More than 20 years later, Megawati ReformationAlthough her own PDI-P stewardship is not almost the same.

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