Denmark gets summer weather in the first weekend of autumn

The Danish Meteorological Agency (DMI) is forecasting temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius and plenty of sunshine.

DMI Meteorologist Klaus Larsen said: “It’s going to be a very nice sunny weekend, and lots of sun for some periods.

Sporadic showers are possible, but very infrequent, he said.

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“If you see a shower on Friday, [Baltic Sea island] Bornholm, Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the country can experience strange showers. But it’s a very small amount and hardly worth mentioning,” he said.

Low pressure over the British Isles is contributing to the longevity of summer weather, Larsen said.

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Denmark can therefore expect “semi-arid easterly and southeasterly winds of about 20 degrees and almost cloudless,” he said.

He also said the situation could continue beyond the weekend.

Autumn weather is “not on the schedule for the first week” of September, he said, with mild winds and dry weather around 20 degrees Celsius continuing for now.

However, night temperatures are starting to cool noticeably. It will be around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius at night this weekend. Denmark gets summer weather in the first weekend of autumn

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