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Deportation and unemployment due to lack of passport machines at the Nigerian embassy in Qatar-Doha News

The Nigerian embassy in Qatar faces difficulties due to the lack of passport machines, and some Nigerians are unable to continue living in Qatar.

Victor Ikoli, a former Nigerian of Qatar’s President of the Diaspora Organization (NIDO), has complained about the lack of a passport machine at the Nigerian embassy in Qatar and the obstacles that Nigerians have when traveling.

Mr. Ikori said the “passport renewal and procurement challenges” facing the Nigerian Diaspora in Qatar is an urgent issue, and the Federal Government of Nigeria needs to consider this issue. Local media..

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Difficult situations are of particular concern, as some employers sponsoring Nigerian citizens cannot assist when travel documents expire.

“The most pressing issue during my four-year tenure was the renewal and issuance of my Nigerian passport,” said Ikori.

He thanked the Nigerian Embassy for issuing about 1,500 passport applications for renewal, including first-time applicants, including newborns.

“But more than 130 passports haven’t been issued yet, so if your residence card is invalid, your individual may be exposed to retirement or deportation and your bank account may be closed,” he added. ..

Many people lost their jobs due to the delay in processing their passports. “I was personally involved in two important cases. [where] One expired and his residence card could not be renewed by the company because his passport had expired, “said Ikoli.

In some cases, the embassy will issue a support letter that will be used as a backup document to be submitted to the Qatar Immigration Bureau.

He added that Nigerians may not be able to renew their residence card despite multiple complaints.

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A Nigerian woman who emigrated to the UK couldn’t travel with her two children and her husband because her husband’s passport wasn’t ready, “Ikoli explained.

In addition, “Currently, my father cannot travel, so I need to prove that she is the only caretaker of the children.”

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