Depp’s agent says Heard’s “catastrophic” abuse editorial robbed $ 22.5 million of deals for a “pirate” movie


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In a trial that began on April 11, Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for $ 50 million, after writing in a 2018 Washington Post editorial about being a survivor of domestic violence. She claims to have damaged his honor and ruined his career. I will not mention him by name. The actor’s lawyer says it was clear that Hard was referring to him.

Johnny Depp’s agent testified in a 2018 editorial by Amber Heard in The Washington Post that he described himself as follows: Victim of abuse It was “catastrophic” for the career of a Hollywood actor.

In a Monday testimony at Depp’s defamation trial in progress at the Fairfax County Circuit, agent Jack Wigam said that Haad described himself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” in Depp’s name. Claimed to have caused unique damage to Depp’s career, even though he never mentioned.

“It was pretty shocking because it was my first time hearing allegations of sexual abuse,” he said.

“It was very influential,” Whigham said, referring to the 2018 editorial. He added in his testimony via the video link:

“As for Johnny, it was devastating because it was from a first-person account, not from a journalist, not from an observer, but from someone who said this happened to me. “

The actor’s lawyer says he was Defamation Four days after applying for a divorce from Depp on May 23, 2016, Haad had obtained a temporary detention order against an Oscar-nominated person. actor.

She claimed to have physically abused her during their relationship while Depp was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

According to Jack Wiggham, Johnny Depp continued his acting career throughout 2017 after the first allegations made against him in 2016, at $ 8 million in the City of Lies, Orient. I received $ 10 million for “Express Murder” and $ 13.5 million for “Fantastic”. Beast: Grindelwald’s crime. All of these films were filmed under a contract signed prior to the motion against Depp.

However, following Amber Heard’s editorial in 2018, Depp was reportedly forced to cut back to appear in the independent film Minimata. But most importantly, celebrities retaliate for a $ 22.5 million verbal deal with Disney. His role When Captain Jack Sparrow picked up the sixth installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

Agents said Disney had chosen to go “in the other direction” and instead said they were planning to develop a “pirate project” involving actress Margot Robbie. The implied movie project has not yet been created.

Depp also dropped out of the recast of his “Fantastic Beasts” franchise, and Mads Mikkelsen cast to portray the dark wizard character of his Gerato Grindelwald.

Johnny Depp’s talent manager testified after the editorial that “it was impossible to get him a studio movie that we would normally focus on.”

As she confronts the defamation trial, Amber hears Johnny Depp portray as an “abuse monster.”

Entertainment lawyer Richard Marx was also in a position to provide the jury with an assessment of the impact of the Washington Post’s Hard Opinion section (printed in Fairfax County) on Depp’s career.

“The editorial has hurt Mr. Depp, creating a cancellation situation if you do so, damaging his reputation and ability to work in the Hollywood industry,” Marks said, and the counterattack from the editorial against Depp’s reputation was “catastrophic.” It was. ” .. “

During the cross-examination, Amber Heard’s lawyer asked if there was a written arrangement for the sixth “pirate” movie and urged Wiggham to admit that this was not the case.

He added that “pirate” producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke favorably throughout 2018 about Depp, who replayed his protagonist in the franchise.

Hard’s lawyer also quoted a series of other factors that may have hurt Depp’s image more than the post article.They mentioned reports of high drug and alcohol use, and other reports. Defamation proceedings The actor filed a complaint against the British newspaper The Sun in 2018 over what he called his “wife’s beater.”

Judges said in 2020 that Sun proved that the content of the article was “substantially true” and found that 12 of the 14 alleged cases of domestic violence had occurred. I did. Johnny Depp’s lawyer accused Rurin of “twisting” at the time.

Defamation trial Now it’s the 4th week. Most of the testimony of the first three weeks focused on the relationship between Depp and Hard, but it is expected that the “Aquaman” actress himself will testify later this week. Depp’s agent says Heard’s “catastrophic” abuse editorial robbed $ 22.5 million of deals for a “pirate” movie

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