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Deputy Amir hosts Arab FM, calling for cooperation and unity

Kuwait: HH Deputy Amir and Crown Prince Sheikh Michal al Ahmad al Javert al Sabah yesterday hosted the 156th Arab Foreign Ministers’ Council at Bayan Palace, calling for mutual cooperation to serve national interests. Emphasized. HH Deputy Amir and Crown Prince are HH Prime Minister Sheikh Saba al Khaled al Hamad al Sabah, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cabinet Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nasser al Mohammad al Sabah, Arab League Ahmad. We welcomed the Secretary-General of Able. -Gate and Arab Foreign Minister.

HH Deputy Amir and the Crown Prince welcomed guests to their second home to convey his warmest feelings. “Kuwait recognizes the importance of Arab collaboration and unity. Work hard to relieve tensions between all brotherhoods and mediate to resolve conflicts to maintain ties. I did, “he said.

This conference will be held in a very difficult regional and international situation, especially due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, but today the conference here will be “the next conference in March”. I’ll be optimistic a few weeks ago. You put you on your priorities and set the right conditions to ensure the success of your joint efforts, “HH Deputy Amir The Crown Prince added.

“We say that each of you represents his (her) country to face these challenges that interfere with your collaborative efforts and take us to new horizons. With that in mind, we must make the most of this conference, “he said. In detail, he states: “You have a great responsibility in front of our Arab countries. Cooperation and unity are the keys to overcoming these challenges. The friendly atmosphere of this conference will achieve our goals. You may agree to pave the way for. Almighty Allah will lead your efforts to success, give us his blessings, and make this meeting the starting point for your mutual efforts. I pray. “-Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/deputy-amir-hosts-arab-fms-calls-for-cooperation-unity/ Deputy Amir hosts Arab FM, calling for cooperation and unity

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