Deputy Governor asks Jakarta to stay calm after the earthquake

Jakarta (Antara)-Jakarta’s Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria urged Jakarta not to calm down and panic after a magnitude 6.6 earthquake centered on Banten in the capital.

“We are all certainly feeling an earthquake. Calm down,” Patria posted on Instagram’s handle. @arizapatria From Jakarta on Friday.

The Vice-Governor also became a civil servant, clerk, and emergency worker at the Jakarta City Hall, which houses the Vice-Governor’s Office and various local government agencies, in order to maintain order in the event of an earthquake and quickly evacuate to safer areas. I thanked him and praised him.

“I think the inhabitants of other places are also keeping calm and order (while evacuating),” he said.

Patria also urged the Jakarta to call their families and relatives to ensure they were safe and moved to a safer place.

“We have to stay in a safer place. Remember to call your family to let them know that you are safe. Do not use the elevator and stay away from falling objects. Please leave it, “the vice-governor instructed.

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Residents should also contact the Meteorology, Climate and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) and the Jakarta Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency for information on earthquakes, he added.

At 5:05 pm local time (UTC +7), about 30 minutes after the shaking was felt, we saw some of the staff working at the city hall evacuating to the main field of the office. I did.

During the quake, guards used the PA system to instruct workers to leave the building immediately.

According to information released by BMKG, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred at 4:05 pm local time, centered about 52 kilometers southwest of the Sumur district in Banten, western Jakarta.

Authorities said the earthquake could not cause a tsunami.

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