Dero says RTV Slovenia was hijacked

Ljubljana – RTV Slovenija’s leadership cannot operate public media services because it does not understand what the public is. Therefore, they should leave, Delo found in a commentary on Tuesday’s top page that they didn’t like public radio and television.

It is unreasonable, unacceptable and incompatible with the mission of public services for leadership to significantly shorten or cancel news programs while staff are on strike.

Leadership doesn’t understand the concept of the masses, in fact they hate it. All they care about is the rating, but all the innovations they have introduced to increase them have actually plummeted the rating.

“RTV Lovenija has been hijacked. If there is a crime against the public interest, the leader’s actions are a crime. What we have now is the dismantling of public goods.”

Attempts to dismantle public goods have become a major feature of social development in recent years, not only in the media, but also in art, culture and health care.

“The message of the April election is clear. Public space is an asset that must be protected. Public space is an asset that amateur managers are not allowed to enter the butcher.”

The TV staff are familiar with their work, but the Secretary should say goodbye, and he should leave leadership to those who know the rope and don’t hate the masses. Dero says RTV Slovenia was hijacked

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