Derville says he has an “idea” about the death of an American in sandals, but the team needs to complete the findings – Eye Witness News

The only survivor, Donis Chiareara, says she woke up and couldn’t move

Nassau, Bahamas — Last Friday, speculation about the situation surrounding the deaths of three Americans at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in Exuma increased, and Health and Welfare Minister Dr. Michael Derville said of multiple agencies investigating death. The team “has a theory,” he said.

But Darville said he didn’t want to hint at those details until their findings were definitive.

There are some scenarios we are investigating, but I can only say this, it’s an isolated case, it seems to be related and related to 4 people – DR MICHAEL DARVILLE

Witness news I traveled to Exuma on Saturday and spoke exclusively with the Minister minutes before he boarded the plane to New Providence with part of the emergency medical team.

Health and Welfare Minister Dr. Michael Durville updates ewnews on investigations at Exuma International Airport

“Our investigation was conducted late last night and we feel that we are seeing isolated cases associated with a particular area,” Durville said.

“So our team is still here to complete these findings. But as far as we are concerned, as a medical team, an emergency medical team, we have to build a temporary facility, a mini-hospital. I thought it might not be, so it’s proven not.

“We believe that it is an isolated situation that revolves around the four affected people.”

Regarding the cause of death, the minister said: “We have some ideas, but of course we have to do toxicology. We need to take blood samples, so we want to make unproven statements later and get ahead of ourselves. there is no.

“There are several scenarios we are investigating, but I can only say this. It seems to be an isolated case that is related and related to four people.”

Witness news Report on friday The couple was found to be unresponsive at a villa on the resort grounds.

The night before, the group reported feeling sick and was treated at a local medical facility before being discharged.

A man collapsed on the wall of the bathroom and a woman was found in bed. In the second villa, a man identified as Vincent Chiarella (60s) from Alabama was found dead lying on the ground.

Princess Marguerite Hospital

His only survivor, his wife Donis, was airlifted to Princess Margaret Hospital on Friday and then stably transferred to the Kendall Regional Facility in Florida.

Her son advised that when her mother awoke, she could not move and her legs and arms were swollen. She was reportedly screaming for her help, which sent the staff to her room.

Authorities said fraud was not suspected.

Witness news It was not allowed on the resort grounds on Saturday.

Attempts to contact Jeremy Mutton, general manager of sandals, failed and resort staff advised him to be absent.

In a statement on Friday, the resort said it was working “in this difficult time” to investigate and assist guests’ families.

A team of multiple institutions remained in Exuma on Saturday to conclude the findings.

Daniel Durazo, spokesman for the US Embassy in Nassau.

When contacted yesterday, Darville said the investigation was underway.

Residents of Exuma expect this tragedy to impact the island’s tourism flow, while prompt and transparent research is being conducted to provide answers to the general public and the travel community. He expressed concern about the incident.

Similarly, the visitor Witness news Interviewed, they said they wanted to know what happened so they could be cautious.

US Embassy spokesman Daniel Durazo said Witness news The embassy worked closely with the Bahamian authorities to support families “in the best possible way.”

Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper, a member of Exuma and irregular islands

The embassy also expressed deep condolences to the bereaved families who are mourning the loss of the bereaved families.

The same sentiment was expressed by the Bahamian government on Friday.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper, a member of Parliament in Exuma, said he had reached out to the families of American guests.

He also advised that government officials are working together to facilitate the identification process, and when that is done, pathologists can begin identifying the cause of death.

Cooper added that Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, who is outside Tennessee, was informed of the issue. Derville says he has an “idea” about the death of an American in sandals, but the team needs to complete the findings – Eye Witness News

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