Description: What will change in Sweden in December 2022?

Swedish budget announcement

Sweden’s new government is due to announce its budget on November 8th.

New budget reveals for the first time how Sweden’s new government plans to fund policies next year and which positions are considered most important and have the most money allocated .

Rumor has it that this does not include some of America’s most far-reaching reforms. Tidö contracta deal between the government’s three right-wing parties and the anti-immigration Swedish Democratic Party.

Instead, these reforms are planned in time for next year’s budget, reports the Swedish financial newspaper. Dagens Industrygiving the parties more time to work out the finer details of a proposal that would allow moderate party leader and now Prime Minister Ulf Christerson to form his government.

We already know a little bit about what this year’s budget will suggest (3,000 pages, Express). As is usually the case, the parties have released information piece by piece in order to maximize the time the Swedish media spend reporting on their budget.

One of the proposals is a dedicated SEK 6.7 billion (about $612 million). fuel tax reliefa follow-up to election promises to lower petrol and diesel prices.

First NATO talks for new government

Prime Minister Ulf Christersson is scheduled to visit Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara on November 8, AFP Newswire reported, citing Turkish officials. The Swedish government has yet to confirm the information.

Christerson and Erdogan spoke by phone this week, with Christerson tweeting that he “looks forward” to visiting Ankara soon, and that his government has signed a trilateral agreement between Turkey, Finland and Sweden. I promised to fulfill the terms of the memorandum of understanding.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is scheduled to visit Erdogan in Ankara on November 4.

If all goes well, it’s not impossible for Sweden to join NATO by the end of this month.

Civilian Emergency Agency reporting on bunker conditions

The Civil Contingencies Agency plans to submit its final report on the inventory of Swedish bunkers by November 7th.

Authorities said last month they had already conducted thousands of spot checks and found the vast majority of shelters to be in “functional condition.”

Sweden’s last government has ordered inspections of 65,000 shelters in May 2021.

royal visit to jordan

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia will make an official visit to Jordan from 15th to 17th November at the invitation of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

The visit marks the launch of the Swedish Dialogue Institute for the Middle East and North Africa in Amman, the capital of Jordan, and the opening of a new facility at the Swedish Embassy.

The visit will focus on cooperation on multilateral and regional issues, environment, climate and sustainable inclusive development, and will be accompanied by members of the Swedish government and representatives of Swedish companies during the visit.

All Saints Day on November 5th

All Saints Day (Allhelgonadagen) November 5th and the weekend Helgona Helgen celebrated throughout Sweden, Thousands of people visit cemeteries across Sweden to light candles and watch the spectacle of thousands of candles burning in the dark.

It can be a beautiful sight. read about it here.

Hestrov’s autumn holiday

autumn school festival hostrov, Starting next week in schools across Sweden, all schools in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg will be closed for a week from Monday 31st October to 4th November.

Highlights of the week include Halloween celebrations. It’s a US tradition that Sweden embraces wholeheartedly, where children dress up and go trick-or-treating or participate in town-wide organized activities.

Weather permitting, you’ll have the chance to explore the great outdoors. If not, events are held at local libraries and cinemas for those seeking a cozy atmosphere. Description: What will change in Sweden in December 2022?

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