Desmond Child, Alice Cooper and Bonnie Tyler rock the Parthenon

Grammy Award-winning American composer and producer Desmond Child, Alice Cooper, Bonnie Tyler, Sakis Ruvas and other musicians will attend the concert to reunite Parthenon Marble.

The concert entitled “Desmond Child Drox Parthenon” will be held on June 27, 2022 in Odeon, Herod atticus.

According to the organizers, “This unique and irreproducible concert not only draws the attention of the international community to Greece, its people and Greek culture, but most importantly, the ongoing global unification. Declare tribute and support for the campaign. Parthenon Marble. “

Next to Desmond Child on stage looks like this:

Alice Cooper • Bonnie Tyler • Rita Wilson • Sakis Rouvas • Rasmus • Lena Hall
George Rembesis • Kip Winger • Chris Willis • Tavisa Fair • Justin Ben Lolo and Andreas Carlsson

The musicians will be accompanied by a children’s choir of Spiros Rambros, a member of the Classical String Orchestra, the Athens Philharmonia Pop Orchestra.

With a message Desmond Child I have written:

“This special concert will be held to help reunify the Parthenon sculptures in Greece, raise the awareness of the people of the world and raise funds to bring the Parthenon sculptures back to their homes. I have been there for decades. Also came to Greece with his family and loves this country from the bottom of his heart! I really feel like my second home. “

A portion of the concert proceeds will be donated to the Acropolis Museum, memo

The concert is sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Ticket prices range from 40 to 250 euros.

Buy tickets via, phone: 11876

Not just stores: Wind, Public, Media Markt, Evripidis Bookstores, Technopolis of Athens Municipality,, Yoleni’s

The latest developments in the return of the Parthenon Marble Desmond Child, Alice Cooper and Bonnie Tyler rock the Parthenon

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