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Despite the threat of a driver boycott, the F1 season begins in Saudi Arabia – Middle East Monitor

Formula 1 season began on the weekend at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but there was a lot of controversy as drivers threatened to boycott the race. Despite the bombing on Friday, 10 miles away from the circuit, he dissatisfied and challenged the decision to proceed with the race and re-cast commercial demands for ethical and safety concerns.

Sir Lewis Hamilton of England was one of the drivers who expressed serious anxiety about racing in the kingdom. The seven-time World Champion is said to have strongly agreed to cancel the race.

“I’m just looking forward to coming out,” Hamilton said, visibly reassuring that no major incident had occurred. “I’m very happy after the weekend. Everyone is safe and very happy. I’m just looking forward to going out. I just want to go home.”

The four-hour meeting on Friday night avoided the race driver boycott. Drivers have been persuaded to race despite concerns, but the future of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix still remains a serious problem.

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“Of course there were a lot of guarantees that it was safe, but after all the drivers got together this weekend, we’ll talk to F1 and the team boss to see what’s going on in the future,” he said in the race. Winner Max Verstappen said. .. Belgian and Dutch drivers have confirmed that the issue has not been resolved and that his fellow driver will request F1 to answer again about the contract with the Saudi authorities. This is said to be worth $ 900 million.

The race is A series of attacks is only 10 miles From the circuit of the Aramco facility. The Yemeni Houthi movement claimed responsibility and promised to carry out further attacks “to break the siege.”

Before last year’s race in the Gulf KingdomHamilton has expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to add the Saudi GP to the F1 season. Hamilton admitted at a pre-race press conference, “Do you think it’s comfortable here? I don’t say so.” “But being here is not my choice. I chose to be here for sports.”

It’s become common to describe F1 as “cash is the king,” which was popular on social media over the weekend. The brief message underscores the sustainability of the sports world in dispelling ethical and safety concerns about the financial interests of what has become known as “sportswashing” of contaminated money.

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220328-formula-1-season-opens-in-saudi-arabia-despite-threat-of-driver-boycott/ Despite the threat of a driver boycott, the F1 season begins in Saudi Arabia – Middle East Monitor

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