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Destroyer destroys German Muslim cemetery

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Anti-Islamic destroyers destroyed about 30 tombstones in the Islamic cemetery in the northwestern city of Islam.

File Photo: This attack is taking place in Germany in recent years with concerns about anti-Islamic crimes. (AP)

According to police, about 30 tombstones were damaged in a Muslim graveyard in the northwestern city of Islam.

The incident happened at the end of Friday or the beginning of Saturday, according to prosecution and Hagen police statements.

Authorities have appealed for information from those who have witnessed the vandalism or who have information useful in the investigation.

This attack has raised concerns about anti-Islamic crimes in Germany in recent years.

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“Anti-Islamic spirit of illness”

Separately, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed “sadness” about the case.

The attack on New Year’s Eve is “a new indicator of the anti-Islamic spirit of illness, which has been increasing recently, especially in Europe and is being targeted even in Muslim graveyards,” he said.

The ministry urged authorities to find “the perpetrators of this vicious attack” and “bring them into justice and give them the punishment they deserve.”

He also called on the authorities to “take the necessary steps to prevent such incidents from occurring.”

According to the recently released European Islamophobia Report 2020, a total of 901 anti-Islamic crimes were registered by the Federal Criminal Police Office in Germany in 2020.

That same year, 18 anti-Islamic demonstrations were held and 16 demonstrations were organized by the racist PEGIDA movement in Germany.

In addition, according to the report, the number of online anti-Islams increased in 2020 as a blockade of the coronavirus was imposed and life was closed across Europe.

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Source: AA

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