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“Development of Qatari society in line with national goals”

Civil servants and President Abdulaziz bin Nacelle bin Mubarak al-Harifa of the Department of Government Development have the importance of upgrading institutional work and providing an appropriate environment for creativity and work in the best possible implementation. I emphasized sex. He achieves the wise leadership directive of the country and the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

In a speech at the first enrichment conference held at the end of the bureau-sponsored “Development of Leading Position and Supervisory Residents’ Skills” program, the House of Khalifa said that the country would develop Qatar’s leaders and governments. Human resource development and improvement of Qatari society as part of the tireless pursuit of achieving comprehensive development, which he said he paid great attention to.
At the Enrichment Meeting, he aims to organize the meeting and motivate leaders to carry out strategic projects for employers to achieve the strategies and wise leadership ambitions and aspirations of the Qatar National Vision 2030. I explained that it is. He saw this conference as an opportunity for communication and cooperation between authorities to achieve the nation’s aspirations.
The conference was hosted by former Energy Industry Minister Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada and presented his vision based on his management experience. The conference provided extensive discussion on the importance of government development, its areas, and how to develop capabilities and benefit from human potential in this aspect.
The conference, which included a workshop on government development, aimed to enhance the exchange of experience between leaders of the “Development of Leadership and Supervisory Residents’ Skills” program. We reviewed the experience of successful and outstanding abilities in the work environment to raise the performance level of various government agencies.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710118/Developing-Qatari-society-in-line-with-national-go “Development of Qatari society in line with national goals”

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