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DIC announces two data storage facilities in Dubai, Kazuna Data Center

Dubai Internet City has announced a contract with Khazna Data Centers to establish two data storage facilities in Dubai. The government’s ambition to transform the United Arab Emirates into a smart country requires the introduction of secure cloud infrastructure and data storage in all industries, from government and housing services to healthcare and manufacturing. The amount of digital data has increased significantly in recent years, coupled with many companies adopting hybrid work models following a pandemic.

Khazna plays an important role in dealing with the recording, movement, and security of ever-increasing amounts of information.

Ammar Al Malik, Managing Director of Dubai Internet City, said: Strengthening the overall technology infrastructure plays a key role in providing a suitable environment for investment, “Al Malik added. “Dubai Internet City has been at the heart of the UAE’s ICT strategy for over 20 years, and this agreement follows our commitment to support a wide range of digital transformations to enhance global economic competitiveness in the future. Shows the chapter. ”

“There are direct similarities between Dubai’s increasingly sophisticated digital infrastructure and its growing economic competitiveness. The announcement of these data centers is a new milestone for UAE to drive digital adoption. Is shown. “

Hassan Al Naqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, said: “Our goal is to continue to work with industry leaders and decision makers to provide dedicated data center space to support long-term growth strategies for businesses in different industries. Hyper from organizations and government agencies. From scalers to scalers, we help our customers meet the demands of today’s highly competitive environment through our unique product portfolio and turnkey solutions, maximum energy efficiency and flexible pricing. “

The Khazna Data Center operates a total of 14 data centers in the UAE.

Last year, Khazna said it would build multiple new data centers in the UAE and increase capacity by a factor of five over the next four years.

According to the company’s statement, data centers will be built throughout the United Arab Emirates, with additional capacity planned for the current site.

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