Did Dr. Oz win the Pennsylvania primary? What are the latest results?

The Pennsylvania primary Voting is still too technically close to declare a winner. As of Friday morning, Dr. Mahomet Oz holds 31.2% of the votes and Dave McCormick holds 31.1%. New York Times..

Trump says Oz should claim victory: Former President Donald Trump, who supported Oz, became a candidate Claim victory..

  • “Dr. Oz should just declare victory, which makes it much harder to cheat on the ballots they” happen to find “,” Trump posted. Truth SocialWednesday’s new social media website.

When do you know who won? Thousands of mail ballots from within the state have not yet been counted, and if the votes are within 0.5% of each other Automatic recount It is done in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

  • This is a process that can take weeks unless one of the candidates decides to withdraw from the race.However, neither candidate has expressed his intention to do so. Politico..

Who is expected to win? Counting the mail ballots, McCormick performed better in the race. Counting the votes counted on election day, Oz was doing better, The Associated Press..

  • Each county must wait for foreign and military ballots before voting and announcing the winner. The voting deadline is next Tuesday.
  • The race is currently too close to make a call, but both candidates are confident they will win.
  • Both candidates appeared on Fox News on Wednesday, showing optimism about the vote. “I’m excited about where we are,” McCormick said. Associated Press..
  • “Oz told Sean Hannity,’The election was ours and we were successful.'” Associated Press..

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https://www./2022/5/20/23132503/did-dr-oz-win-primary-election-pennsylvania-trump-claim-victory Did Dr. Oz win the Pennsylvania primary? What are the latest results?

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