Did Sam Bankman-Fried Secretly Cash $1.5M?

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  • Sam Bankman-Fried may have cashed out $1.48 million worth of cryptocurrency by transferring it to various exchanges.
  • One of his publicly known wallets and a number of known Alameda wallets consolidated his funds and increased them through three centralized exchanges and Ren.
  • I doubt law enforcement has control over these wallets.

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Sam Bankman-Fried claimed he only had $100,000 left in his bank account, but never mentioned his wallet. Cryptocurrency villains may have cashed out as much as $1.48 million.

Suspicious on-chain activity

Sam Bankman-Fried may have cashed out a sizeable amount ($1.48 million) from his on-chain wallet, according to Crypto Briefing calculations.

As pointed out by DeFi Analyst BowTiedIguanaon-chain data show On December 27th, a wallet associated with Bankman-Fried sent 0.66 ETH to a newly created Ethereum wallet starting with 0x7386. We know the original wallet belonged to SBF. tweeted it September 2020.

0x7386 Wallet received A total of 569.95 ETH from dozens of wallets with over 100 transactions within 5 hours. Some of these wallets have been tagged on Etherscan as belonging to Alameda Research.

Then I sent 519.95 ETH to my wallet. 0x64e9This wallet was also newly created but already held 800,000 USDT before the ETH transaction. The previous 800,000 USDT was sent to 4 different addresses, all of which consolidated his USDT into one wallet. 0x4e5bAccording to Etherscan, the wallet belongs to the centralized exchange FixedFloat.

Meanwhile, 0x64e9 exchanged most of its 519.95 ETH for USDT. 200,000 USDT has been exchanged again for 10.33 renBTC.funds are then the bridge to Ren, which offers complete transaction privacy.

Another 200,000 USDT was sent to 3 different wallets and merged back into 1 wallet. 0xbb3fdNansen flag It belongs to Binance.

Finally, the remaining 310.85 ETH was sent to 8 different wallets and merged again. 0x077d, Etherscan labels it as belonging to the crypto exchange ChangeNOW. The remaining 50 ETH from the original 0x7386 address were also sent to this wallet. short hop Through Burner Wallet.

Add it all up and it looks like whoever controls these wallets has withdrawn around $1,480,500 in cryptocurrency.

Was it necessarily Bankman-Fried? The bankruptcy filing in particular seems to indicate that FTX Group did not pay particular attention to security, so it is possible that someone else discovered the private keys of the SBF-linked wallets. Wallet activity indicates that the owner was conscious of cashing out using relatively censorship-resistant methods, so it seems unlikely that the funds were moved on order of law enforcement. is.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, the author of this article owned BTC, ETH, and several other crypto assets.

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