Did you find too many seaweeds in Algarve? Let the scientist know!

Scientist from Marine Science Center (CCMar)) Calling people again at the University of the Algarve Report witnesses of massive accumulation of seaweed Along the area’s beaches and coastline.

Witness information can be reported on an online portal called “Argus Napria” (seaweed beach)), Available in Portuguese English.. All you need to do to participate is to send a photo of the seaweed and fill out a small form.

As scientists say, “If you’re on the beach and find a lot of seaweed in the water or on the sand, let us know! We’ll use that information to monitor the situation.”

They explain:It’s normal to find seaweed on the beach, but too much seaweed can lead to unusual situations due to excess nutrients from urban drainage and agricultural fertilization.

“When seaweed grows excessively, Degrading biodiversity, fishing and beach environmental quality“They warn.

Citizen participation is essential to the researcher’s goals.

“This year’s report, along with data collected last summer, identifies key environmental conditions for seaweed growth and defines strategies for removing and using coastal flushes (seaweed). It makes it possible to do so, “researcher Louis Santos said in a statement issued by the university.

Dina Simes, head of the Nutrisafe project, said some of the seaweed Benefits of “anti-inflammatory” And you can do it again Improves blood vessel and lung health..They can also be used in food supplements to help Reduces comorbidities associated with aging and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Last year, 96 sightings were reported on an online portal to help scientists map the three major areas where seaweed accumulates in Algarve.

“The dominant species between Lagos and Orphos de Agua (Albufeira) was Brown algae known as RugulopteryxInvasive species from the seas of Korea and Japan, Meanwhile, the dominant species between Villamoura and Praia da Faro was Red algae species known as Asparagopsis armataInvasive species from Australia “ University report.

on the other hand, Native sea lettuce green algae Was the main seaweed species found during Armona Island (Ohlao) and Villarreal Descente Antonio..

To Michael Bruxo Did you find too many seaweeds in Algarve? Let the scientist know!

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