Differences between Taiwanese battery module suppliers and Chinese battery module suppliers

Taiwan-based battery module suppliers still have a solid market share, despite challenges from China’s leading module manufacturers in the IT industry, thanks to their expertise in multiple parallel connection module detection and flexible production. I’m holding it.

Taiwan’s largest module supplier, Simplo, has a market value of NT $ 54.5 billion (US $ 1.85 billion), which is incomparable to the top suppliers in China. Sunwoda, Apple’s MacBook module supplier in China and the industry’s eighth-largest company by market capitalization, has an estimated market value of approximately NT $ 237.9 billion.

With government support, Chinese module manufacturers have dominated the module market for IT products. Apple has switched from a Taiwanese supplier to a Chinese supplier as Chinese suppliers offer competitive pricing and Apple has adopted a different market strategy leaning towards the Chinese supply chain.

Apple’s major suppliers reportedly include both China-based Sunwoda and Desay.

However, top Taiwanese suppliers such as Simplo, Dynapack and Celxpert are looking for new opportunities in non-IT markets. The ability to perform multi-tests and produce flexibly gives them the benefits of retaining their clients.

Chinese suppliers plan to vertically integrate the battery supply chain by producing both modules and cells, but according to supplier sources, the client will have the battery cells integrated when the two parts are integrated. We have expressed concern that it will be difficult to control the quality of our products.

Taiwanese suppliers are known not only for their expertise, but also for being more reliable than other suppliers.

Simplo’s AES has entered the electric bicycle market. Other companies are entering markets such as data center backups and household energy storage, according to sources. Differences between Taiwanese battery module suppliers and Chinese battery module suppliers

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