Digital Advisory Board Announces-Witness News

Attorney General Ryan Pinder, Bahamas, yesterday revealed the names of members of the Digital Advisory Board responsible for maintaining a policy committee led by the government, regulatory agencies and the Prime Minister, up-to-date on the risks associated with digital development. The asset space that provided the information.

While providing communication on the government white paper in the Senate, Pinder p.anel is constantly reviewing the development of digital assets, new trends and associated risks.

“The Panel is responsible for keeping the government, the’Digital Asset Policy Board’, and the appropriate regulatory agencies completely up to date with relevant information,” he said.

“They maintain their position as jurisdiction over well-regulated digital assets, while at the same time ensuring that the Bahamas remain relevant and attractive to digital, with policies, DARE legislation, and others. It is expected to recommend the necessary changes to the law. An asset business to operate, grow and prosper, “says Pinder.

The Digital Advisory Board consists of Gowon Bowe, Aliya Allen, Brian Jones, Delphino Cassar, Emmanuel Komolafe, Rhonda Eldridge, Dellarese Taylor Russell, Kelly Bank, and the Attorney General (Pinder).

According to the white paper, growth in the digital asset sector is seen as a crucial part of rebuilding the economy severely damaged by the effects of Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government’s approach to digital assets is based on success stories in countries such as Gibraltar, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France.

Its Digital Advisory Board is responsible for keeping the government, the Digital Asset Policy Committee (DPC) chaired by the Prime Minister, and the appropriate regulatory agencies up to date. It is also responsible for advising appropriate changes to digital policies and initiatives, DARE legislation, and other legislation to maintain relevance and appeal to the digital asset business. Digital Advisory Board Announces-Witness News

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