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Digvijaya Singh questions surgical strike, accuses government of spreading lies

Jammu: Parliamentary leader Digvijaya Singh questioned the surgical strike on Monday, accusing the government of spreading lies, saying the opposition was blinded by “hatred” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “insulting” the military. elicited a furious response from the BJP. .

Congress has distanced itself from them because his comments have sparked significant political controversy, saying they are “his own” and do not reflect the party’s position.

Addressing a public meeting at Bharat Jodh Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir, Singh said the government did not agree to the CRPF’s demand for personnel to fly from Srinagar to Delhi, and that 40 soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama in 2019. claimed to have died in

“They talk about surgical strikes. They claim they killed so many people, but there is no proof. They control by peddling a bunch of lies,” he commented. The former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, who has often sparked controversy in

The BJP has launched a sharp attack on the parliament and such comments have led, in name only, to marches across the country led by Rahul Gandhi while he and his party colleagues worked to “break” the country. It is essentially the ‘Bharat todo yatra’, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said.

He said, “If they oppose the military, India will not tolerate it. Rahul Gandhi and Parliament hate Prime Minister Modi, but are so blinded by hatred that their devotion to their country withers.” It seems.”

He said parliamentary leaders questioned the surgical attack shortly after the Indian Air Force announced it had attacked a terrorist camp in Balakot, Pakistan, in retaliation for the Pulwama terrorist attack.

“Gandhi and Congress do not trust our brave military. They repeatedly question and insult the Indian people and our military,” Bhatia claimed.

As the BJP took control of the issue and cornered parliament over a key national security plan, the opposition embarked on damage control.

Jairam Ramesh, of the AICC Secretary General’s Correspondence, said on Twitter: A surgical strike was carried out by the UPA government before he was in 2014. Congress supports, and will continue to support, all military action in our national interest. “

However, unfazed Shin continued to attack.

In a Hindi tweet, he said: DSP Davinder Singh was captured by terrorists, why was he released? I also want to know about the friendship between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India. “

In his video message attached to the tweet, Singh said 40 CRPF officers had sacrificed their lives in Pulwama, but this government was unable to reveal where RDX’s 3 quintals came from. I didn’t.

“Besides, the government was unable to answer where the terrorist-engaged DSP Davinder Singh is.

“I also want to know from the Prime Minister what kind of relationship he has with the Pakistani Prime Minister and how they admire each other. At least he should answer these questions,” the parliamentary leader said in a video message. rice field.

Attacking parliament, Bhatia said parliamentary leaders tried to divert attention from Pakistan after the Pulwama terrorist attack. Randeep Singh Surjewala then condemned “domestic terrorism” and claimed the opposition had tried to give Pakistan a clean chit.

Pakistan feels a lot of pain when our military attacks terrorists, but in India the parliament suffers, he said.

Amid Pulwama terrorist attacks and surgical strikes ahead of the 2019 House of Representatives election, the BJP won 300 out of 543 seats and remained in power at the center with greater powers than in 2014. , this issue has captured the public imagination. .

“There is nothing greater than the blessing of the people in a democracy. A 2019 poll reveals that people support the BJP and the military. Those who raise the issue face an existential crisis I do,” Bhatia said.

Bhatia alleged that in 2008 the parliamentary-led UPA government did not allow the military to target Pakistan after the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. “There was zero response because there was no courage. That corrupt, incompetent parliamentary government had no will,” he said.

Meanwhile, after the terrorist attacks in Uri and Purwama, the Modi government targeted terrorist camps in Pakistan, he said.

A BJP spokesperson also called on Rahul Gandhi to reiterate his position on Article 370, which grants special rights to Jammu and Kashmir and was repealed by the government in 2019.

Parliamentary spokesperson Pawan Khelah shared his tweet and video message in support of party colleague Digvijaya Singh, stating that Prime Minister Modi should answer questions on Purwama and that the military is behind He said he shouldn’t hide.

“A question from the Modi regime. Without hiding behind our brave army, Modi ji must answer: How did the RDX reach Pulwama? DSP Davinder Singh released without investigation What is the relationship between Modij and Pakistan, who call the ISI Pathankot,” Kela said.

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