Dijon Mustard Crisis: That’s why France’s most valuable seasonings have scrambled chefs and ordinary shoppers.

Mumbai, July 15: Dijon mustard seems to have disappeared from the shelves in what can be considered the French national crisis, France’s most popular product. While there is a shortage of surgical masks and paracetamol in the fight against COVID-19 for restaurants and homes and sunflower oil from Ukraine, French food lovers have a unique problem as the country runs out of mustard. Facing

Reportedly, France’s iconic traditional staple, Dijon mustard, has disappeared from the shelves of supermarkets across the country. Experts believe that the same reason is the fact that growers are facing a shortage of “Brassica junceaa”, the specific brown seeds needed to complete the mustard recipe. OpenSea has fired 20% of its employees, and CEO Devin Finzer calls it a “sad and difficult decision.”

Talk to New York Times“The main problem is climate change, which results in this shortage,” said Luc Vandermaesen, director of mustard maker Reine de Dijon and chairman of the Burgundy Mustard Association. If the report is believable, at least 80% of the brown seeds come from Canada, but recent heat waves have reduced yields by 50%.

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“We couldn’t take orders and retail prices have risen by 25%, reflecting soaring seeds,” Vandermaesen added. Horseradish, wasabi and Worcestershire sauce are considered potential alternatives to Dijon mustard, but many disagree.

Talk to Financial TimesFrench musician Dijon Marouani said, “I eat a lot of mustard, but I don’t have mustard in Paris. I’ve been to 25 shops and found nothing. I have mustard, but Not good. “” There are no signs of Dijon mustard, a valuable possession for the French, according to some reports.

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During the mustard crisis in France, wholesale prices for seeds doubled or tripled, but last year’s retail prices rose nearly 10%. Vandermaesen said that if the shortage of mustard continues, it will rob the French people of important cooking ingredients.

The lack of Dijon mustard on shelves across the country affects not only everyday customers, but also French chefs. Dijon mustard is one of the most important ingredients in many sauces and dressings. “That’s the basis of French cuisine,” said Bertrand Chaubeau, chef of Garance’s gastronomic restaurant. Banks of China hold emergency meetings with banks on the mortgage crisis.

Vandermaesen hopes that the agricultural research program will bring higher yields in the future, but “but we will have some difficult months,” he says.

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