Diplomatic skirmish with Croatia over Prime Minister Orban’s statement

Which of the pro-government and left-wing critics said he exaggerated the Croatian Foreign Ministry’s reaction to Orban’s statement that Hungary would not be easy to replace Russian oil because of the deprivation of Orban’s coast and harbor? Also rejected.

Hungarian press summary by

Background information: Croatian Foreign Minister Summon Hungarian ambassador to Zagreb after hearing Prime Minister Orban’s words last Friday. In a regular interview with Kossous Radio, Prime Minister Orban said Hungary cannot easily replace Russian oil imported through the pipeline. “People who have seas and harbors can carry oil to tankers,” Orban said last week, “if they weren’t taken away from us, we also have (coastlines and harbors). It would have been, “he added. In a press release, the Croatian Foreign Minister interpreted Mr. Olburn’s decision as an expression of “territorial desire for other sovereign states.”

upon Man dinnerZoltán Veczán write in Prime Minister Orban recalled an undeniable historical fact when he said that the Hungarian coast had been robbed by the “Trianon Diktat.” A parent government commentator states that Croatia’s response is highly exaggerated. Veczán is even more disappointed that the Hungarian left has pleased and fully agreed with the critics of the Hungarian government.

NépszavaMaria Gal think It is ridiculous to interpret Prime Minister Orban’s words as an example of territorial revisionism. However, left-wing commentators suggest that Prime Minister Orban was careless. Gull recalls that since the outbreak of the Ukrainian War, there have been conspiracy theories suggesting that Hungary may regain Transcarpathian.

Zoltán Fischer / Prime Minister’s Press Conference / Featured Photo Illustrations by MTI

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