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Directorate General of Civil Aviation Establishes Integrated Air Cargo City

According to sources, a meeting was held between a number of officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the municipality’s Structural Planning Department regarding airports in the northern region, during which an adviser from the Civil Aviation Authority made a visual presentation. It became clear.For forecasting air traffic, he revealed a three-step plan

Short-term plan until 2030 and its period

Medium-term plan up to 2040

Long-term plan up to 2050

A representative of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said a study on the plan to update the “Kuwait International Airport 2020 Structural Scheme” with civil aviation would establish an air cargo integrated city in the Kuwait International Airport area. , as part of the civil aviation vision and strategy to develop the cargo sector in the long term with the possibility of expanding the second station T2 within the long-term plan, representatives of Structural Planning Management have a plan expansion and future The plan, which describes the aforementioned plan, showing the project, reports a local Arabic-language daily newspaper.

A representative of the Structural Planning Department was provided with a copy of the consultant’s study to tie the project to the metro and rail projects within the Kuwait International Airport area, according to sources. A representative of civil aviation also requested that this study be included in his two projects.

A civil aviation representative questioned and explained the inconsistency of the metro project regarding the metro station at the site of the new passenger building T2 and the railway station at the new cargo area, in accordance with the State of Kuwait’s 4th Structural Plan. Structural Planning Department.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/general-administration-of-civil-aviation-to-establish-integrated-air-cargo-city/ Directorate General of Civil Aviation Establishes Integrated Air Cargo City

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