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Of the 4,906 candidates who took the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) exam in 2022, only 12.9 achieved a C or better in at least five subjects, according to statistics released yesterday by the Ministry of Education. %, or 633 people.

Last year, 5,147 students took the exam and only 550 (or 10.6%) got at least a C in five or more subjects.

Of the students who took the BGCSE this year, 392, or 7.99%, achieved a C or better in English, math and science subjects.

952 students, or 19.4%, achieved a minimum grade of D in at least five subjects. Last year, 875 people achieved the same.

Over 83% of grades awarded this year ranged from A to E. The Ministry of Education says this is “now being achieved repeatedly”.

In a press release, the ministry said: “This percentage has increased slightly and is comparable to the previous year.

“There is a significant increase from A to C. In fact, A is 10.38%, the highest during this period.

“More importantly, 52.66% of grades were given to candidates ranging from A to C, which is also an incredible achievement.”

In total, 13.53% of grades achieved in 2022 were B’s. 28.75 percent was cesium. 19.55% were D. 11.37% were Es. 7.13 percent were F. 5.39% were G and 3.9% were Us.

A U grade indicates that the student failed to demonstrate positive performance in the subject.

The BGCSE awarded 17,546 grades. This is down 2.03% from his 17,909 in 2021.

Of the 27 subjects tested, 11 subjects showed improvement.

These include B in Arts and Design, Chemistry, Multidisciplinary Sciences, English, Food and Nutrition, French, Geography, History, Literature, Keyboard Techniques, and Religious Studies.

“As in the past year, women continue to outperform men, with a higher percentage on A to C and a lower percentage on D to U,” said Education Director Marcellus Taylor. says.

“In contrast to female performance, the proportion of men decreased in A and B, and the proportion of women increased.

“On the other hand, positively, for men, the proportion of G has decreased compared to last year. For women, the proportion has increased.

“On the downside, percentages in U increased for men and women. This increase negatively impacted overall performance on the BGCSE.”

Taylor said performance has improved in some public and private schools in Abaco, Andros, Bimini, Crooked Island, Elecera, Exuma, Grand Bahama, Inagua, Mayaguana and New Providence.


The 9,571 students who obtained the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) decreased by 0.23% compared to last year.

The BJC awarded 35,340 grades in 2022 compared to 34,622 in 2021.

Mathematics and English are the two most-subscribed subjects, with 75.95% of test takers taking Mathematics and 66.30% taking English.

Just over 86% of students achieved grades between A and F.

A total of 1,361 candidates, or 14.22% of all candidates, received a C or better in at least five subjects.

A total of 1,849 candidates, or 19.32% of all candidates, achieved a minimum grade of D in at least five subjects.

1,349 candidates, or 14.09% of all candidates, achieved at least a C in math, English, and science subjects.

In total, 10.60% of the grades achieved were As. 17.28% were B’s. 20.94 percent was cesium. 15.96% were D. 12.70% were Es. 8.78 percent were F. 5.82% were G and 7.91% were Us.

Of the 13 subjects tested, 8 subjects showed improvement.

These include mathematics, general sciences, health sciences, family and consumer sciences, Spanish, French, literature, and drafting. Disastrous test results continue – The Nassau Guardian

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