Discover the Importance of Having the Best Desk Foot Pillow

On average, most people will spend up to one-third of their lifetime working. This is a huge part of a person’s life and represents a lot of commitment. For many people, this massive amount of time will most likely be spent in an office chair in front of a computer. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, long hours of sedentary activity in a chair can actually lead to some pretty serious problems if certain issues aren’t addressed correctly. Namely, the number one thing that can affect your health if you sit for large portions of your week, is your posture.

Bad sitting posture is the culprit behind two very important aspects of most people’s work life. First, it can affect the immediate experience of sitting. This can cause lower back discomfort, and fatigue which will distract a person from their work and impact their productivity. Secondly, bad posture can, unfortunately, affect people chronically causing pain and even injury later in life.

With so much of your life spent sitting, it makes sense that this would be an area to invest in to ensure that you can continue working, and living without the fear of chronic pain or injury. Your back health is one of the most important aspects of your overall health and is something that will affect you for the rest of your life. While making sure to keep up with moderate exercise and taking breaks from sitting down to stretch are great tools to help keep you healthy, investing in proper seating support for those long hours is also a way of investing in good back health.

What Areas Need Support?

When it comes to finding the kind of support that you need to make sure that all those hours in the office chair don’t end up in chronic pain or injury, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, the quality of the chair is important to assess if you find that you sit down for large portions of your week.

Making sure that you find a chair that has strong lumbar support, upper back, and neck support, as well as adequate armrests is important. However, it’s not just the chair that you should be worried about. It may surprise you that a huge part of ensuring you have proper sitting posture is actually having an adequate footrest. Finding the best foot desk pillow is a great way to help ensure that you maintain strong, good posture for all of those hours while sitting, and this is why.

Your Body Weight Distribution When Seated

When a person sits down, their entire upper body weight, which is the majority of their weight, is distributed over their pelvis, lower back, and legs. While the majority of the weight is focused on the pelvic area, about 18% of their body weight will actually still be channeled into their legs. This is why finding the best foot desk pillow allows you to have a way of dealing with that weight, and giving yourself the comfort and support you need.

When you don’t properly set your feet in a way to handle your body weight, it can lead to bad posture. As your body distributes weight, if your feet aren’t supported properly it can lead to compensation through slouching or sliding the hips further down in your chair.

The best foot desk pillow will help to give your body weight somewhere to rest and what’s more, it will do so comfortably. This is especially important if someone isn’t tall enough to have their feet reach the ground. With nowhere to anchor this extra body weight, a person’s posture can take a huge hit.

Everlasting Comfort’s premium memory foam footrest is built to ensure that your feet are always supported, and have the maximum level of comfort. This can help to greatly improve your sitting experience over long periods of time, which can increase your focus and productivity.  Bult with an ergonomic, tear-shaped design and utilizing a nonslip bottom, this footrest will stay firmly in place to support you during your workday.

Not only that but the memory foam is designed to mold perfectly to your feet and is responsive to your body heat. This means that it can provide comfort for all-day use without getting warm, overheated.


Finding ways to take care of your posture while you spend long hours at a desk is an important part of investing in your future. It will not only greatly increase your comfort while working, but it can help you avoid chronic pain in the future. Join the other satisfied customers who have transformed their seating experiences using the best foot desk pillow, and start enjoying the comfort at your desk like you never have before.

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