Divers rescue sea turtles with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (video)

Rhodes divers were able to revive sea turtles by breathing mouth-to-mouth. His hours of hard work have been successful and the sea turtles have returned to their natural habitat.

An unprecedented incident occurred on the beach of Gennadi when sea turtles were found entwined with ropes on iron rods on the seabed.

“We call Giorgos Makryllos an experienced diver and sea turtle rescue operations have begun,” said Stavros Akkouris, leader of the Gennadios community, in a social media post.

Upon arriving at the scene, Diver Jorgos realized that the animal was trapped and destined to die.

He picked up the problem, jumped into the sea, cut the rope, and carried the sea reptiles to the shore.

Freed from ropes and dire situations, Jorgos takes the animals to the shore.

He started breathing from mouth to mouth, or better says breathing from mouth to nostrils.

Diver Giorgos was continuously blowing air into the animal’s nostrils for four hours. Over and over again in front of locals, bathers, and many children.

Everyone was anxiously watching over Jorgos to save the sea animals.

He contacted Archelon of the Sea Turtle Conservation Society by phone and was instructed on how to proceed with the rescue.

And a miracle!

“After a four-hour duration, our turtle recovered and saw it swimming in the blue waters of the sea of ​​Genadios, congratulations to our Giorgos, Archelon, and everyone, we Everyone experienced a moment of anxiety and our beautiful feelings Soul !!! ”Akkouris on Facebook account.

PS Great job! Great! Divers rescue sea turtles with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (video)

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