DK asks ailing farmers for government help

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on the government to provide aid to agricultural producers affected by the unprecedented drought that has hit the country.

Szilveszter Benedek, head of DK’s agriculture cabinet, said the drought had adversely affected this year’s crops, jeopardizing food and fodder production and affecting “hundreds of thousands of farmers”. rice field.

Benedek accused the government of “having spent the past decade on luxuries in a favorable economic environment” while “failed to improve water management and develop irrigation systems”. DK expects the government to take strategic steps in these directions, he added.

Benedek argued that the fund set up to compensate farmers was “nearly empty” and “just a few billion forints”, leaving farmers with damages of 1 trillion forints (€2.5 billion). . Farmers will not be able to finance next year’s production, he warned, unless government support is provided by the end of the year.

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sauce: MTI DK asks ailing farmers for government help

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