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Do you think taking vitamins will protect you from the death of Covid-19?Think again

A study examining multiple studies around the world suggests that taking vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc to boost immunity has no effect on saving Covid-19 patients from death.

Researchers at the University of Toledo, Ohio, review Covid-19 hospitalization data worldwide and find that supplements that boost the immune system, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc, do not reduce the chances of dying in a novel. Did. coronavirus.

When the new coronavirus first emerged, healthcare professionals used a variety of micronutrients as possible treatments for their illness. Recently, supplements have been “partially promoted as a safe and proven alternative to vaccines.”

Still, Dr. Azura Belan says there is little evidence that supplements and micronutrients work to stop the coronavirus, even if people have shown a lasting interest in the coronavirus.

In paper, The research team wrote: “Micronutrient supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc have been used to manage viral diseases, but clinically with these individual micronutrients in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). The importance is still unknown. “

Researchers say they have conducted a meta-analysis of multiple studies from around the world “to provide a quantitative assessment of the clinical importance of these individual micronutrients in Covid-19.”

“Many people misunderstand that taking zinc, vitamin D, or vitamin C helps with the clinical outcome of Covid-19,” said Beran, a physician at the University of Toledo School of Medicine. life science. “It has not been shown to be true.”

Beran is the lead author of a new paper that significantly strengthens the new medical consensus that micronutrient supplements are “not an effective treatment for Covid-19.”

The researcher wrote: “26 studies (10 randomized controlled trials and 16 observations) of 5,633 Covid-19 patients comparing three individual micronutrient supplements (vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc) to SOC. Research) was identified. [standard-of-care].. “

Nine studies involved vitamin C in 1,488 patients (605 received vitamin C and 883 received SOC). Researchers have found that “vitamin C supplementation did not have a significant effect on mortality, … intubation, or LOS. [length of hospital stay].. “

Fourteen studies relate to vitamin D and show whether it reduced the mortality rate of 3,497 patients (927 on vitamin D and 2,570 on SOC). Researchers found that “vitamin D did not reduce mortality, but it did reduce intubation and lower LOS.” Researchers write that subgroup analysis showed that vitamin D supplements were not associated with a mortality benefit in patients who received vitamin D before or after the diagnosis of Covid-19.

Five of the studies involved zinc in 738 patients and compared supplement intake to standard of care (447 for zinc and 291 for SOC). Researchers found that “zinc supplementation was not associated with a significant reduction in mortality.”

In summary, the researchers’ analysis did not show a reduction in mortality in patients treated with vitamin D, vitamin C, or zinc compared to patients who did not receive any of these three supplements. did.

Paper published in Clinical nutrition ESPENThe main focus was on patients who were already infected with the coronavirus and were hospitalized when they received the supplement. However, the researchers also analyzed a small number of people who were taking vitamin D before they got sick, “there was no significant difference in mortality in that population.”

“It’s important for people to understand that taking a lot of these supplements doesn’t give better results,” said Dr. Ragheb Assaly, a professor of medicine at UToledo and the lead author of the paper. “The other important message is that the answer to this disease is a vaccine. Micronutrient supplements do not offset the lack of vaccination or eliminate the need for vaccines.”

Researchers do not suggest that vitamin and mineral supplements are bad or should be avoided, but point out that they are not effective in stopping the death of the coronavirus.

According to doctors, additional boosts with vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc may help in malnourished patients and those who are deficient in micronutrients in the system, but that nutrients act against the virus. It does not mean to do.

“This is what we’re saying. If you don’t need these supplements medically, don’t assume they’re protected from COVID-19,” explains Beran. “They don’t prevent you from getting it, nor do they prevent you from dying.”

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