Doctors are “especially worried” about the Algarve A & E crisis

Doctors are calling for an urgent strengthening in the Algarve as the crisis in Portugal’s National Health Service (SNS) is exacerbated, especially affecting pregnant women. Some hospitals across the country cannot keep obstetrics and gynecology A & E units open.

The same was true for Portimao last weekend, when the obstetrics unit at the local state hospital was closed from Friday afternoon to 8 am on Monday morning.

Ana Vargues Gomes, chairman of the management committee of the University of the Algarve Hospital Center (CHUA), said four pregnant women had to be transferred to Faro Hospital over the weekend.

As time has proven, these are not “one-off” situations. According to Gomez, Portimao’s obstetrics and obstetrics block is very likely to be closed again soon due to a shortage of pediatricians. Lusa News agency.

Whether this happens again depends on the “service provider doctor”. She admitted that they “if they don’t show up or can’t work, we face constraints.”

Gomez said CHUA “has plans to do it whenever needed,” but details were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, the President of Portugal’s Ordem dos Médicos (General Medical Council) has stated that the Ministry of Health needs to implement special enhancements to Algarve’s doctors.

The region is entering the busiest time of summer, and hoteliers and tourism officials estimate that Algarve could welcome even more vacationers than the record year of 2019.

As Miguel Guimarães of Ordemdos Médicos emphasized, Algarve’s population can grow from about 500,000 outside the summer to 1.5 million in the busiest months.

However, there may not be enough time to make sure that Algarve has enough doctors to meet the demand.

“It is very unlikely that the situation will be resolved by this summer,” Guimaraes said. CNN Portugal Last weekend, he added that issues in the region are not limited to pediatrics and obstetrics specialties.

“There are groups of disciplines that need more (doctors), whether Faro or Portimao,” he said.

Algarve can’t attract doctors

The problem of the inability of the Algarve to attract new doctors was re-emphasized this time by the Dean of the University of the Algarve School of Medicine.

The university’s 72 vacancies for a master’s degree in medicine will almost certainly be fully filled next year, but only about 40% of students will work in a local hospital.

“The hospital environment is very tense,” said Isabel Palmeiram. Antenna 1 Radio emphasizes that new medical professionals should be treated more carefully.

Palmeiram added that even life-time doctors would leave Algarve because of the unpleasant work environment found in state hospitals.

To Michael Bruxo Doctors are “especially worried” about the Algarve A & E crisis

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