Doctors expect the new government to tackle healthcare issues

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Ljubljana – Healthcare institutions expect a new government to be formed after Sunday’s elections to prioritize the issue of the public health system. One of the demands is proper payment to the doctor.

FIDES, a union of doctors and dentists, has promised that the party that won the election will prioritize long wait times and other medical issues, and the new government will act as soon as possible from the promise. ..

“Slovenian health is a need for comprehensive reforms, as well as partial solutions that can be heard as election promises and often prove to be ineffective,” FIDES said as a priority. Prompted.

They believe that the rewards for medical staff should be like the rewards for efficient systems in Western European countries to keep doctors in public health, FIDES said, and the solution is to the Minister of Health. He added that the withdrawal is a new systematic bill for medical care ready.

They believe that the current public sector salary system is the main reason why both experienced doctors and junior doctors leave Slovenian medical care.

Based on the principle of solidarity, the Medical Council sought a medical system that would provide safe, quality medical services to all citizens in a timely and accessible manner.

They advocate developing a national plan for human resources in healthcare and incentives to work in areas that are less attractive, both geographically and professionally.

They believe that it is necessary to repeat the demands of drawing medical care from a single public sector payroll system and to set up a system for doctors to choose between working as civil servants or as private practitioners.

We also called for an overhaul of the IT system to reduce the administrative burden and make the system easier to use. Public health agency managers should be granted greater flexibility to organize their work and reward their employees. Doctors expect the new government to tackle healthcare issues

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