Doctors Hospital CFO says healthcare providers have the potential to solve PMH problems in the long run – Eye Witness News

Nassau, Bahamas-Doctors Hospital convinces the government of a public-private partnership arrangement that may eliminate the need for a new public hospital facility in New Providence, and the health care provider listed on BISX is Princess Margaret Hospital.

Interview with Dennis Debeau, Chief Financial Officer of Doctor’s Hospital Witness news Health care providers are grateful that they have been given the opportunity to step into the location of Doctor’s Hospital West and provide medical assistance after a significant surge in hospitalization has “ruptured at the seams” at Princess Marguerite Hospital. Said.

“We intend to partner with the Bahamian government,” Deveaux said.

Dennis Devo.

“I am very grateful to the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister for calling us during the national crisis. We have the option of partnering with Doctors Hospital in a public-private partnership rather than building a new hospital. We are pleased that by acting as a financial guarantor, the government will be able to work and serve at the level of quality that Bahamians expect. “

He continued. “We support the Bahamian government. The most important question people are asking in healthcare is whether they get sick and need a hospital bed and how it is provided. The Breakroad facility had 31 beds, and the government had to transfer the patient to the facility and the patient to Shirley Street.

“The Bahamans in that exchange were able to receive care, and their medical consequences are different because they would have been placed in a hospital bed rather than a waiting room. The government needed an hour of opportunity. We are a Bahamas-owned and Bahamas-led company. I think it’s great that Bahamas companies can partner with the government to meet their needs. . “

Deveaux is also a healthcare provider The Loyalty Advantage Membership Plan (LAMP) counters its reputation for being expensive. The Medical Services Discount Membership Program provides members with access to fee exemptions and discounts for outpatient and inpatient services at Doctor’s Hospital.

“The loyalty advantage program is a signature initiative of our president, Dr. Charles Diggis,” he said.

“What we are trying to transform is the way people engage and manage medical care. It is a well-known fact that Doctor’s Hospital is known to be expensive. People come to the emergency room. You have to be hospitalized, which is a big financial burden.

“The LAMP program aims to inform the general public that the paradigm has changed. Apart from the quality of care, we want to be known for accessibility and affordability. LAMP clearly plays an important role, but is now featured in Grand Bahama, especially Eight Mile Rock, which is opening a new clinic. You probably should have done this long ago, but the LAMP program Demand is skyrocketing, “says Deveaux. Doctors Hospital CFO says healthcare providers have the potential to solve PMH problems in the long run – Eye Witness News

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