Does buying bitcoin drive you crazy?

Can buying bitcoin make you crazy? In this article, we share some key lessons from the world’s smartest investors. Because some people who look a little crazy really get it.

When investing in unknown time and ideas, it’s important to be an independent thinker and imagine what the world would be like if new technologies were incorporated into our everyday environment.

mind set

The Internet was a widely used technology in the late 1990s. According to a Newsweek articleprominently described the Internet as a hoax and fad,

Why the web won’t reach nirvana.


Twenty years later, the Internet has become a cornerstone of our daily lives. Yet a lack of vision can prevent us from benefiting from wealth, or worse, afflict it. can change.


high PER implied that Coca-Cola Stock Was Overvalued During Warren Buffett’s Era After the stock market crash of 1987, he decided to invest in the company. Warren Buffett was right because a high P/E ratio also means investors expect rapid growth in the future.

Warren Buffett recognized Coca-Cola as a distinctive brand because it is a popular sugary drink.coca cola Not the healthiest drink to consume, but when making investments, it’s important to maintain objectivity and don’t let bias cloud your judgment. To get good results, you need to be analytical rather than emotional.

Guess where the world is headed Take advantage of assets, stocks, etc. that have not yet been valuedWarren Buffett previously commented:

In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.

Warren Buffett


The Big Short (2015)

The patterns associated with emerging technologies are negativity, pessimism, disappointmentand despair – said deeply”you don’t understand that”. But more often than not, the result of cancellation is that people hate the truth. It is difficult to re-evaluate and re-imagine our lives in another future state.

Regarding the Internet Waring Partridge said in 1995

“Most things that succeed don’t need to retrain 250 million people.”

waring partridge

This meant the internet was too complicated for the average person.Conversely, most of the people in Today’s society still uses the Internet despite a lack of technical knowledge (TCP/IP, SMTP, etc.).

Premature discussion of new technologies (internet, Amazon, apple, Bitcoin, etc.) also include volatility. Macroeconomic data and interpretations of patterns over decades clearly show that volatility is a key factor in early technology adoption.according to Michael Barry graduation speech,

Volatility does not define risk.

Michael Barry

Contrary to popular belief, risk increases when market values ​​rise, such as during a tech bubble. Theranos, jawboneWhen we work) or real estate and cryptocurrency bubble. according to “Nasim Taleb’s Turkey ProblemTheoretically, friendly members of the human race seek their best interests every day until Thanksgiving, when the unexpected happens and the turkey experiences a revision of his beliefs.

“When volatility is in an uptrend, no one complains about volatility.”

Michael Thaler

clearly, energy, the internet, Amazon, apple, Tesla, and other industries were all volatile and were often described as bubbles or “dead”. But these innovations have changed our way of life.


People, especially older generations, hate change. But the world wants progress, production and efficiency. In fact, technologies that improve productivity and efficiency, such as printing presses, telephones, and microprocessors, are disruptive to society.

Humans tend to align our ideas with those of social groups for reasons of acceptability, comfort, and safety. , is to denounce unconventional ideas as strange, bizarre, or ridiculous.

Independent thinkers (open-minded), on the other hand, rethink, re-imagine, and re-evaluate our current situation and the future state of the world.

Normal, Crazy & Rich

Dr. Ignaz Semmeweis, known as “The Mother’s Savior,” discovered in the 19th century that handwashing and hand sanitizing could significantly reduce the spread of puerperal fever (also known as “puerperal fever”) in maternity clinics. discovered. He was unable to provide adequate scientific justification for his findings, and other medical professionals derided him for deeming it distasteful. was granted asylum by his colleague in 1865.

“Normal” and “sane” people tend to think of “smart” people as “crazy” – a story as old as mankind.

Instead of ignoring crazy people’s ideas and predictions, it’s important to listen and learn from them. Historical inventions serve as memories, so don’t write them off as crazy lunatics.

  • There is a saying, “Airplanes are great science toys, but they have no military utility.”
  • Bicycles – Experts say bicycles are on the decline as “wheels are in decline”.
  • Computers on the Go: “Troublesome Gear”.
  • etc

There’s a fine line between crazy and genius, but both seer.

Matthew Clutter

Contrary to clichés, what people really like is adaptability, not ingenuity, diverse ideas and perspectives. Innovation is disruptive, so if new ideas or visions of the future are accurate, people have to adjust and rethink their position in the world, which is difficult and uncomfortable.

Lack of imagination can explain many of the nation’s problems, such as the decline in manufacturing, stagnant wages, and the expansion of the financial sector. without imagination, in words of Peter Thiel,

There is dizzying change and no progress.

Peter Thiel

For the benefit of the common people, mad people often have a fishy, ​​out-of-water nature. We must refrain from getting offended by sinister thoughts. cryonics, life in simulation, metaverse, artificial intelligenceSuch).

“Sometimes people who look a little crazy are the ones who really get it.”

Matthew Clutter Does buying bitcoin drive you crazy?

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