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Does the EU support the “collapse” of Bosnia?

The European Union’s top representative on the Balkans has been accused of waiting while one of Bosnia’s most powerful Serbian leaders threatens to destroy the country.

In Bosnia, there is growing anger at the growing awareness that European Union enlargement commissioner Olivér Váheli is soothing Serbian nationalist leader Milorad Dodik.

according to Leaked documentsIt seems that Varhelyi’s visit to superficially spread the tensions of the country towards the end of November had a distinctly different tone personally.

and Press release After meeting with Dodik and the country’s political stakeholders, Barheli said, “It has made it clear that the European Union is fully committed to the stability, sovereignty, unity and integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

However, personally, Barheli seems to have agreed to Dodik’s measures, resulting in a secessionist session at the Serbian Parliament in the Republic of Srpska, the majority of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Measures were taken to strengthen the tendency of the people.

and Private notebook After a meeting on November 25, 16 days before the Republika Srpska parliamentary meeting, Barheli said, “It will be done, but a moratorium will be announced for six months to pass a bill on unilateral withdrawal from state institutions. I agree. This has been agreed and the representative of RS (Republika Srpska) will be held liable for the opposite action. “

The report did not provide details of the agreement with Dodik, but the two countries “agreeed” during the parliamentary session, showing the path that the region would have seen for the first time withdraw from Bosnian troops and security forces. Tax system, and justice.

Serbian politicians have announced their intention to hold their first official session on December 7, just as they reached an agreement with the EU representative on November 25.

The Republic of Srpska on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Enes Danis / TRTWorld)

With a further concession to Dodik’s Saber Rattle, Barheli offered another olive branch to the leader who would become a separatist.

According to the leaked document, Barheli “shared his candid assessment that his predecessor, High Representative Inzko, was due to the current political crisis.”

Former Senior Representative Valentin Inzko, whose term ended earlier this year, was one of his last missions. Prohibition of genocide refusal Faced with the growing denial of ethnic cleansing carried out by the Serbian army of Muslims in Bosnia in the 1990s.

The High Representative’s office was established to ensure that the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, which ended the 1992-95 Bosnian War, was implemented.

Politicians and officials, including Dodik in the Serbian state of Bosnia, have grown in recent years. More and more assertive He questioned the Srebrenica massacre, resulting in the execution of 8,372 Muslim men and boys.

Recently, news has surfaced that EU authorities are working to “revise” the law enforced by Intuco.

This move is widely seen as the victory of Dodik, who threatened to rekindle tensions in the region and destroy the country if the law was not withdrawn.

As a sign of how bold and muscular Dodik was in Bosnia, he said he would impose sanctions on him or the Republika Srpska by the Western nations. China and Russia for support..

Critics of the latest revelation Accused EU representative of not only “softening” Serbian nationalists but also “openly colluding” in the collapse of the country.

Hungarian Varhelyi, Choose Facing and facing the country’s right-wing Prime Minister, Victor Oban question About the lack of impartiality in his role as EU enlargement commissioner.

Bosnian Muslims in Oban in recent public comments Integration Within the EU.This continues remarks He created it in 2018, suggesting that Europe and Islam are not mixed.

Hungarian opposition lawmakers who responded to the latest revelation said it was “extremely uneasy” to see Barheli “supporting the division of Bosnia.”

“Everyone knew that leaving Oban’s appointments to EU neighborhood policy was a terrible idea, but this led to security concerns and urgent investigation is needed,” she added.

Serbian officials in the Republic of Srpska Rejected Coordination with Barheli.

Source: TRT World

https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/is-the-eu-assisting-in-the-break-up-of-bosnia-52951?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Does the EU support the “collapse” of Bosnia?

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