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Doha Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait Women’s Fencing Team for Training Camp-Doha News

The Arab team is working to raise the bar for competing in global tournaments.

The Saudi Arabia National Women’s Fencing Team has arrived in Qatar for a training camp at the Aspire Academy in Doha, along with Qatar and Kuwait counterparts.

The Saudi team consists of 10 females: Leenn Al-Fozan, Aya Ammar, Yasmine Al-Sabban, Anahid Al-Khaibri, Dana Al-Qassem, Dai Al-Amiri, Laila Firas, Jana Al-Qudmani, Fawzia Al-Khaibri, Yala Alpha Ridey.

Fifteen Qatari players and another 15 from Kuwait’s women’s fencing team are also in the camp. The camp will focus on training for foil, épée and saber. December 29th.

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The Kingdom team is overseen by Malak Al-Sultan and Daad Al-Misfir, and Saber’s training sessions are led by Mohammed bin Aziza. Hani Al-Daoud trains women in Epe.

Training camps aim to raise the technical and physical standards of female fencing athletes and provide a more valuable experience ahead of major tournaments and competitions.

Recently, 15-year-old Saudi Arabian fencing champion Mashael Al-Khayal has joined a British club in London to further improve her skills and qualify for more victories.

Last year, Al-Khayal won the gold medal at the Virtual Fencing Intercontinental Epee Cup, following in the footsteps of his sister Modawi, who reached first place in the same tournament.

Ambitious Al-Khayal now wants to represent her country at the Olympics.

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“Mashael won a silver medal at the Kingdom’s Fencing Open Championship, a gold medal at the Virtual Fencing Intercontinental EP Cup, a bronze medal at the 6th GCC Women’s Tournament in Kuwait, and a silver medal at the Arab Women’s Sports team. In addition to some others, the tournament at Sharja, “she said earlier, her mother, Tahani.

Since then, her sister Al Khyal and other successful Arab swordfighters have become role models for young women who want to become professional athletes.

The presence of the Saudi Arabian team in Qatar represents yet another step towards reconciliation after four years of fierce controversy over the imposition of illegal air, land and sea blockades on Doha by neighboring kingdoms.

The 2017 crisis, which also involved the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, ended with the signing of the Alura Declaration in January.

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