Donald Trump favored Mike Leigh. Does it help or hurt his re-election bid?

Former President Donald Trump supported Senator Mike Leigh a few weeks ago, but the Utah Republican re-election campaign did not peep at it.

Lee does not mention approval in the numerous funding emails he sends. It does not appear in political advertising. His campaign team seems to be in the way to keep it low.

The closest thing to bringing former President Lee into the campaign is to mention one of the independent enemies. Evan McMullin.. “I’m being attacked by a Never Trumper opponent and he’s raising millions of dollars to stop our conservative campaign,” the Senator wrote in a fundraising email.

in the meantime, Text message between Lee and Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff Announced last week showed how deeply the senators were involved in the efforts of the former president to overturn the 2020 elections.

In the coming weeks or so, Lee will have to face a June primary involving two credible Republican challengers, the community and business leaders, as Lee campaigns for the third term in the Senate. It will be interesting to see how all of that works over the months. Allie Isom And a former state legislator Becky Edwards..

Lee remains strong among Republicans, but does not enjoy high employment approval rates across Utah voters.

A new Dessert News / Hinckley Political Institute poll, conducted April 5-12, found that 44% of voters approved Lee’s achievements, two points higher than the February survey. .. Polls show that 36% of Utahns disagree with the work he is doing and 19% do not know. Overall, Lee’s approval rating hasn’t changed much since January 2021.

The latest investigation was done before CNN reveals a series of text messages From November 2020 and January 2021 from Lee to Meadows, we discussed how to pass the presidential election to Trump.

“Tell me what I’m trying to say,” Lee wrote to Meadows on 22 November, reading another text that day. is decreasing). “

In 2016, Lee called on Trump to withdraw from the presidential election and did everything in his power to prevent the Republican nomination. After Trump won the election, Lee accepted the new president. He led a Trump repeat campaign in Utah. After Trump was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden, he eagerly pursued the path to keep him in the office.

Trump publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Lee Ultimately, the only thing that ended Congress was the ability to open and count the votes of the Electoral College. Lee did not vote to challenge the state voter vote. After about 6 weeks Lee hosted an expensive fundraiser at Trump’s Marago Resort in Florida.

Chris Karpowitz, co-director of the Brigham Young University Election and Democracy Research Center, said Trump’s support could help and hurt Lee.

For state Republicans who accept the former president, support will further confirm their preference for Lee, he said.

“Given Lee’s growing consistency with the MAGA movement in the course of the previous administration, it’s unclear if the news of support will surprise those voters, but it may solidify Lee’s support. “Hmm,” said Karpowitz.

“On the other hand, Donald Trump is also a divisive person. Some Utah Republicans reserve him and support may not be useful to their voters. For a few, approval is a conflict. It may be a signal to seek out candidates to do. “

Carpowitz said the bigger question was whether Lee agreed or was willing to accept Trump’s false allegations about the 2020 election fraud. These claims became increasingly important to the former president and his supporters, said Trump and Lee in the past.

“One of the key questions is whether Mike Leigh’s view of the 2020 elections and its aftermath has changed in any way, or whether he is currently accepting Donald Trump’s actions and rhetoric on this issue. “He said. “This is clearly a matter of the campaign your opponent wants to raise, and approval brings those questions to the forefront and puts them at the center.”

Of note is how Lee works with Republicans, said Jason Perry, director of the Hinckley Institute of Political Science at the University of Utah. He remains “very, very strong” as part of the Republican Party, saying they intend to vote and appear to vote.

“It’s a very strong foundation for him,” he said. “Given the story that came up recently, that wouldn’t change.”

But Mr Perry said it was worth watching if Lee began to lose support among the more moderate Republicans.

“There, he may see some of the changes in support, but what I’m hoping for is that his approvals will remain about the same, but could rise. There is his disapproval, “he said.

Lee’s approval rate jumps to 58% among Republicans in the new poll, but more than a quarter oppose his performance. His approval rating soared to 80%, and Utahns, who identified himself as “very conservative,” plummeted to 53% for “slightly conservative” voters and 28% for “moderate” voters. Did.

Dan Jones & Associates voted for 840 registered Utah voters from April 5th to 12th. There is an error of plus or minus 3.46 percentage points.


Senator Mitt Romney of Utah spoke with a Kenworth Sales employee before visiting the company in West Valley City on Friday, November 12, 2021. During the tour, Romney talked about supply chain issues.

Shafkat Anowar, Deseret News

Interestingly, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney says that far more Utah than Lee has not approved Romney’s performance, but a new poll has the same job approval rate as Lee. ..

Half of the voters oppose Romney’s job in the Senate, compared to Lee’s 36%.

The investigation was conducted on April 7, when the Senate voted to confirm Ketangi Brown Jackson with the Supreme Court. Romney voted to confirm Jackson, but Lee voted against it. A Deseret News / Hinckley poll released last week found that less than half of Utahn wanted the Senate to confirm Jackson.

Romney does not consider Lee’s text messages.He was one of the first Republican senators to recognize Biden as the winner of the 2020 election, and Trump’s fraud “Big lie.”

Utahns most often have Romney’s opinion, and only a few of the people surveyed say they don’t know whether to approve the work he’s doing. However, nearly one-fifth of the respondents said they did not know about Lee.

Democrats continue to give Romney a much higher approval rate than Republicans in the state, 71% to 37%. Polls also found that 60% of Republicans oppose Senators’ ability to perform their duties.

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