Donevnik urges to buy aircraft for firefighting

Ljubljana – The Donevnik newspaper said in a commentary on Saturday that Slovenia urgently needs aircraft to fight wildfires, stressing that climate change is here and dry summers are not in the distant future. .

Recent fires in the dry west – both in the Kras area and on the Socerb hills on the coast, Slovenin needed the help of water bombers from Croatia and Italy.

Dnevnik says the coming summer will be two dry years. So there is no time to delay buying a firefighting plane. “I need it now!”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Canadair, an air tractor or something else. This is a decision for professionals to make.

But the waterbobber “must be ours, always available, and carry enough water over the fire”.

Dnevnik says the debate about the need for fire-fighting aircraft began when a major fire broke out in the class 16 years ago.

“Now we can’t afford to make excuses why we can’t buy a helicopter for the next 16 years, why a helicopter with an 800 liter water bag is enough. You’ll be left without people in your class.” Donevnik urges to buy aircraft for firefighting

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