Donnelly does not rule out changes to the proposal

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said he did not rule out changes to the proposal for the relocation of the National Maternity Hospital (NMH) when the memo was brought back to the Cabinet.

The government intends to proceed with the current plan agreed upon by the various parties and reiterates that legislative changes should not be considered.

At the Oireachtas Committee on Health on Wednesday morning, Sinn Féin’s TD David Cullinane asked Donnelly if there were any new discussions with parties like St. Vincent, which have recently been of concern.

Donnelly said: I do not exclude anything. “

He was further pressured on whether it meant that there was a fresh debate, “I don’t rule out anything, but my view that it’s worth it is no further move. That’s it. ” When asked about the main points of the Oily Chatas debate in that case, Donnelly said, “I believe it is the Cabinet’s intention to move this forward, but in terms of what it will bring to the Cabinet, I have nothing. I will not exclude it. “

Donnelly was also asked why St. Vincent simply didn’t donate the land to the country, he said: They were asked by Minister Harris, they were asked by this government and the previous government. They have been consistent for the last nine years, which is not just what has been on the table for them so far. “ Donnelly does not rule out changes to the proposal

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