Don’t visit Belarus yet / Article

“The State Border Committee of the Belarus has announced that from April 15th to May 15th, 2022, Latvian citizens will be allowed to enter Belarus without a visa from the border crossing at the border. Would like to draw attention to the significant risks. The call to the Latvian people to leave Belarus and Russia will continue to apply. “

“Given the violent crackdown on the freedom of its citizens by the Lukaschenko administration and the recent operation to launch a hybrid attack on the border by organizing an illegal border crossing, the Foreign Ministry believes in the offer to visit. No visa in Belarus was done for humanitarian reasons or in good faith. Remember that the Lukaschenko administration still supports the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and is subject to serious international sanctions. Please, “said MFA.

“Intelligence agencies in Latvia and other NATO members have warned the public about intelligence activities and attempts by intelligence agencies in Russia and Belarus to recruit citizens from neighboring countries. Therefore, such activities are also targeted. There is a significant risk. Latvian citizens taking advantage of Belarus’ visa-free entry opportunities Such travelers have been provoked on the side of Belarus’ special services and unfairly accused of violating Belarusian law. Faced with the risk of being arrested as a result, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns that Latvia’s ability to support its people is very limited due to the overall lack of legal rules in Belarus. ” Said.

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