‘Downward Spiral’: China Ends Cooperation with US on Climate Change, Crime, Military Dialogue


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MIA “Russia Segodnya”



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MIA “Russia Segodnya”

sputnik international


MIA “Russia Segodnya”

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China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi promised that “anyone who offends China will be punished” after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) visited Taiwan earlier this week against Beijing’s wishes. US support is key to maintaining autonomy from Beijing, which the Taiwanese government sees as a rebellious Chinese province.

The results of Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this week continue to unfold, with Beijing collaborating with Washington on combating climate change, crime and high-level military ties designed to avoid overheated tensions. severing many ties to

and brief press release China’s foreign ministry on Friday revealed eight areas where Beijing is cutting ties with Washington.


China-USA Theater Commander’s Talk


Sino-US Defense Policy Coordination Talks (DPCT)


Meeting of the Sino-US Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (MMCA)


Cooperation in deportation of illegal immigrants


Cooperation in legal aid for criminal cases


Cooperation against transnational crime


Anti-narcotics cooperation


Sino-American talks climate change

Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the outcome of the talks in Moscow - Sputnik International, August 5, 1920

China’s Wang Yi walks out of ASEAN summit during speech in Japan after canceling bilateral meeting
this comes after Beijing imposes sanctions on Pelosi, the third highest-ranking politician in the U.S. government, and close family members of hers, never elaborated on the nature of these sanctions. But her husband, Paul Pelosi, is also a leading investor and venture capitalist. worth at least $114 million.
The senior lawmaker flew to Taiwan on Tuesday after weeks of warnings from Beijing and half-hearted efforts from the White House and Pentagon to change her plans.She met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and addressed the island’s parliament, where she denounced China and promised “Solidarity” between the United States and Taiwan face Beijing.
China’s foreign minister: ‘This is a complete farce’ Declared by Wang Yi From the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting in cambodia.

“The United States is violating China’s sovereignty under the guise of so-called ‘democracy’… Anyone who offends China will be punished,” Wang said, noting that full reunification of China and Taiwan would be a “general It is a tendency, a historical necessity.”

Taipei government All the rest of the old Republicans The government that once ruled all of China. Since the Communist Party’s victory in 1949, its rule has been restricted to a small island off mainland China, and its autonomy from Beijing is guaranteed by US support. Nevertheless, the United States switched her Chinese government recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, recognizing Beijing’s position that Taiwan was a province of the People’s Republic of China.
Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang addressing the event on August 31, 2021 - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.08.2022

Chinese ambassador responds to rising tensions with US over Taiwan
Qin Gang, China’s special envoy in Washington, D.C. Summoned to the White House “More than 160 countries and international organizations, including ASEAN countries and other regional countries, have criticized Pelosi’s visit,” he told the National Security Council on Friday. [to Taiwan] He reiterated his commitment to the One China Principle. “

“The U.S. accusations that China is escalating tensions are completely unfounded and false,” Qin added, noting that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army launched large-scale live-fire exercises around Taiwan in retaliation. mentioned.

“The facts prove that the United States is a nuisance to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the region,” he said.

Bonnie Glaser, Head of Asian Programs at the German Marshall Fund, said: told the Associated Press China-US relations are in a “worsening spiral,” he said.

“China will likely change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, which will be detrimental to Taiwan and unfavorable to the United States,” she added. ‘Downward Spiral’: China Ends Cooperation with US on Climate Change, Crime, Military Dialogue

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