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Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Feeding Network executive director James Parashas said his organization was able to consistently donate parcels to dozens of NGOs, but he said he was unable to do so as they continued their mission. , resorting to putting some new ministries on a waiting list.

Inflation and a looming recession are a growing concern for local food NGOs.

“Almost every week we have new people trying to get on the list. We are really trying to improve our fundraising channels so that we can help more people. Parasyas said.

He added that about 20% more funds could be used by BFN to meet current needs. To meet current needs, about 15% of ministries are waiting to feed the people knocking on their doors as major distributors.

Palacious said that BFN is mainly for distribution but has noticed more and more people going to BFN privately for parcels.

“We see more and more people filling our headquarters. Of course, they are clearly in trouble, so we can’t get rid of them.

“[…]More individuals, charities and ministries are coming to us as we receive more requests. So they need to restock their safes and pantries, and of course that need becomes more acute around Christmas time,” he said.

The BFN executive director explained that although he had not spoken with officials recently, the government recognized their need and was committed to helping them in the coming year.

Parashas said BFN is looking to expand its supply, primarily by working with sponsors from the international community.

Khandi Gibson, founder of the Family of All Murder Victims (FOAM), explained that her organization is a grassroots NGO and not a major support-friendly center like the BFN, echoing many of Palacious’ sentiments. I resonated.

She said she is seeking additional funding from government, private and cooperative donors to meet people’s needs on a more personal level.

“When government organizations shut down at certain times, grassroots NGOs are around the clock and they operate with their own personal funds. I’ll try to help, but we don’t need grassroots NGOs, and I think this town will go crazy.”

Gibson believes social services cannot do it alone and governments need better strategic planning to support society. And the general public can also participate in meeting the needs of those who are hurting.

“I understand that some people make poor and bad decisions in the current situation, but please don’t put your foot in their neck.

“We had to help them, and we have to help organizations that are willing to sacrifice their time and talents to help people and are willing to get out there. You can’t do that,” Gibson said. Dozens of food NGOs on waiting list – Eye Witness News

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