Dozens of Scandinavian contemporary dance companies will perform in Helsinki at the end of June

Ice hot helshinki It brings 200 Scandinavian dance experts and about 300 theater and festival directors from around the world to the Finnish capital. The main venue for the event is the brand new dance house Helsinki.

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Helsinki is a professional platform that introduces numerous performances and artists at the turn of June-July 2022.

From June 29th to July 3rd, 2022, 300 venues and festival artistic directors, presenters and cultural organizers from around the world will meet in Helsinki to watch 21 contemporary dance performances in four days. In addition, their program includes presentations of dozens of artists and works, as well as discussions and seminars on current issues in this area.

The program includes a total of 38 Scandinavian dance groups, with 200 artists, choreographers, producers and managers from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark attending the event.

The main venue is New dance house It is of great interest to the international professional community.

The three performances of the IceHot program are also open to the public.

Alexander Theater 29.6.
Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki / Field Works (NO): Come here (yet) ›

Alexander Theater 30.6.
Marble Cloud (IS): Eland ›

Dance House Helsinki 1.7.
Mette Ingbalsen (DK): Traveling at a concert›

In addition, seminars and talks are open to anyone and will be streamed live.

DanceInfoFinland, the main organizer of the event, will welcome more than 500 international guests at the end of June.Project Manager Catalina Lindholm We are delighted that the live international event will finally be held.

“Due to the restrictions of covid-19, we had to postpone the event from February to summer, but not only did we decide to cancel the platform, but we also received a lot of praise from both artists and guests. There is an urgent need to meet experts in this field. To revive international activities. “

Ice Hot Platforms has attracted hundreds of dance and performing arts professionals to the Nordic countries since its first event in Stockholm in 2010. Since then, the event has toured all the Nordic capitals and is now the second time in Helsinki.

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Source: Ice Hot Helsinki Dozens of Scandinavian contemporary dance companies will perform in Helsinki at the end of June

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